Currentlay :)

I'm back in the land of the living guys! Sorry for that unannounced hiatus. Being 5 months pregnant and moving your home and increasing your hours at work can get the best of your blogging inspiration, I've found. Thought I'd kick off being back with this "Currently" post that has been circulating through the blogosphere. 

Loving: Feeling like a human again! More energy, less vomiting makes Grace a happy girl!

Reading: Blue Like Jazz as suggested by Mrs. Heather Turpin :) It's incredible so far. So honest and well written.

Watching: All of our old DVDs that we stopped watching after we got Netflix! My Fair Lady, Pride and Prejudice, Bridesmaids, I've missed you! Having no internet since we moved has been good for some things :P

Thinking about: Home decor, always. We are compltely starting over from scratch with this new place so we can redo the decor together as a team :) It's going amazing so far, just slooww. Can you get a loan for furniture? Haha.

Anticipating: Finding out what our little banana sized baby is, girl or boy, this Monday!! :D I can't even tell you how excited we are for this, guys. Legit, over the moon.

Listening to:

Working on: Unpacking, redecorating, maintaining a cleaning schedule this time around, and getting the baby's room ready. So much to do and so little time!

Wishing: I could speed up time and slow it down all at once. We're sososo excited to meet this little baby and finally get to hold it and smooch it all over, but I'm also terrified and want to keep it safe inside my belly forever! haha. Creepy mom alert.
What are you currently doing?

I hope you've all been splendid :)

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth
(and banana!)