"I store your facial expressions up in mason jar memories and organize them on my shelf. Your finger creases and forest brown eyeflecks and soft rosy red ear curves. I have it all. Alphabetized and organized, folded, stacked, and preserved like spring peaches and zuccini and yellow white corn cob kernels. I'll never miss a thing, I'll never go hungry."

My name is Grace Elizabeth. I am married and madly in love. I go to school for Multimedia Graphic Design. I also love to write, and collect things. Chairs, owl figurines, Coke memorabilia, globes, cameras, and clothes, to name a few.

I live in Colorado with my husband, fish, crazy parakeet and loveable ferrets- Ilona and Milo. We're a tight knit family :)
This blog is about my life. It shows the good times: birthdays, dates, picnics in the grass. We have some sad times here too. Earlier this year we lost a baby. We're stronger now, we're not afraid.

I hope I can use this blog as a way of making lasting friends.