The Year In Review

Well here it is ladies and gents, the obligatory end of the year post. But, not only is this post special for that reason, it is also my 100th blog post ever!! Which I think is kind of monumental. I never stick with anything this long! So in honor of all that, I wanted to review some big events and special moments from this year. Not only is it important to study our past so we don't make the same mistakes, but also so we remember what things to do this year, the times we really got it right.

To begin with, this blog originally got it's start in April of this year from what we thought was going to be a huge monumental event in our lives that we wanted to capture: pregnancy. It ended up being a huge monumental event, but not in the way we expected. Just a few short weeks later, we were told be the doctors that it wasn't a regular pregnancy but rather a mass that my body had made and reacted to as it if were a baby. It was a terrible roller coaster experience- the excitement and fear, joy and worry of thinking we were pregnant, to the total terror of surgery and emotional ache afterwards. But what I thought was an unthinkable pain was slowly but ever surely healed up by the greatest medicine: love. The love of my husband, family and God got us through those rough times and on the other side. Thinking back on it now, I still feel that same aching twinge, like an old scar, but I know it was written in my story for a reason, and that gives me peace. Full story here.

The next month, May, I posted my first ever creative writing piece and one of my favorites to this day that I've written about Calvin:

And the curve of your collar bone makes me ache for things I've forgotten, like my Grandma's willow tree and all of the flowers that have died in vases right in front of me and windy home videos with no sound. It makes me remember why I ever held your hand or wrote your story into mine, thoughtfully and completely, like a bright stained tapestry made with tired hands and sold out of a trunk at the Grand Canyon. After my Grandpa died, fuzzy and dry and repenting, my Grandma had a man come cut that weeping willow down to just the stump, because she was tired of mourning.

Full post here.

After that was my 20th birthday which we celebrated as a family by going up into the mountains to one of my favorite antiquing towns and trying on ridiculous headwear:

Then a crazy scrumptious picnic with my Yeti:

What can I say, I'm spoiled :P

In June, we did a huge home tour post

Then in honor of our 6 month-aversary, I did a huge wedding post detailing literally every single aspect of our little winter wedding:

And later that month, I posted the writing that inspired the title of this here blog:

I store your facial expressions up in mason jar memories and organize them on my shelf. Your finger creases and forest brown eyeflecks and soft rosy red ear curves. I have it all. Alphabetized and organized, folded, stacked, and preserved like spring peaches and zuccini and yellow white corn cob kernels. I'll never miss a thing, I'll never go hungry.

Then there was a Father's Day post:

And in July, Calvin's sister Vikki and I had a neat train track photoshoot:

Then, after tons of procrastination, we finally took our Honeymoon to the dang amazing Universal Studios and saw Hogwarts! :D

August was a little less exciting, but we did have our first ever blog giveaway!
I made up this super neat Treasure Jar full of all sorts of teeny vintage things and the lovely Vintch won it :D

In September, Calvin had his birthday and I surprised him with something he'd always wanted- ferrets! :D

In October, we had some sweet dates 

and were Princess Bubblegum and Finn for Halloween

Then in November, we completely redecorated the downstairs spare bedroom into a wicked cute little craft and clothes storage room for me :D

In December, I chopped off all my hair: 

And then we Celebrated our One Year Anniversary! :D

And had a crafty handmade Christmas:

All told, I think that's one stellar year we've had and I can't wait to see what this next one has in store for us. I just wanted to thank you all so much for reading and I hope so much that you stick around for the next 100 posts! You're all the best :)) I hope you have a lovely New Years, to kick off this lovely new year.

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.


So, Hey

I'm officially back from the longest blog absence ever. If you're a blogger, you know that getting busy and not being able to blog for a while is one of those things that the longer you wait the more horrible it feels and the harder it is to do it again haha. Like an awkward silence. So, whoa. Let me catch you up:

On December 14th, the Yeti and I celebrated our ONE YEAR anniversary!!

We got our same room at the historic Cliffhouse at Pikes Peak that we had one year ago after our wedding which was beautiful as always :) Then, that evening we got a sweet little dinner and went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra which was a little strange but very pretty (but of course my iPhone camera wouldn't work for the entire show). Then, the next day we got delish breakfast and walked around downtown, did some sightseeing and my favorite- shopping :D We also played around in the penny arcade which is always amusing :)

Once we got back from fairy-tale romantic land, we had to go back to work and real life for a while, but then Christmas came around! :D Which is my absolute favorite time of anything ever. I spent the days leading up to it working my butt off on handmade gifts which was, in hindsight, not the greatest idea :P I thought it would save us some money and be tons more personal, but I swear, I spent like 30 hours total getting all of those gifts together! All in all I think they came out pretty neat :)

They each had hand painted teacups made into scented candles, handmade zenia cabochon earrings, little vials of 'Christmas wishes', lollipops from here and soaps from here all bundled in paper and tinsel in a little brown hatbox and baker's twine. That doesn't sound like a lot, but it was :P

Then it was finally Christmas! :D We celebrated at home, then Calvin's family, then my family- big day! :D

And we were wiped out by the end of it! :P I hope you all had beautiful Christmases full of your own happy moments and memories. I hope your hearts are filled and full of brightness to get us through this next year <3 And as always, have a beautiful day.

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.


Photo Bomb Update

Hey everybody! Been wicked busy around here :)
I can't believe it's already the time of year for tree decorating and watching Elf together while it snows outside. Our first big tree too! Last year, with all of the wedding planning, Christmas decorating took a back seat but we did it big this year and it's been so dang nice. It's like being a kid all over again, with all of the Christmas magic around here hehe. 

How's in been in your corner of the world? 
Got your decorations up yet?

All the merriest,
Grace Elizabeth.


A Picture Story

:D What do you think?

Liebster Blog Award!

I've been meaning to post this for a few days, my humble little blog has received it's first award!! :D Thank you to the moon Ms. Amber from The Owl's Den who gave it to me! She has the loveliest layout I've ever seen, and is adorable and sweet to boot!
More about the award:
Liebster is a German word meaning dear, sweet, kind, nice, good, beloved, lovely, kindly, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. The Liebster Blog Award is given out to up and coming blogs that have less than 200 followers.

How It Works:
1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award onto your blog.
4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love too!

1. Rachele from The Nearsighted Owl

A beautiful blog full of Owl illustrations (my favorite), hair tips, adorable outfits posts, and tons of spunk!

Meredith from One Sheepish Girl
The cutest, sweetest blog around. Full of knitting nerdiness, awesome sweaters, and a beautiful shy gal- Meridith makes you want her to be your best friend!

Caitlin at To Make Love Stay
A sweet genuine, honest blog by a lady more like Liz Lemon than anyone you'll ever meet! A great place for inspiration and a good laugh :)

Vanessa at The Velvet Bird
This blog is so beautiful and crafty- you'll have to follow! Vanessa has the badest short hair around, and an amazing shop full of things you'll NEED to buy!

Meghan from Pocketful of Pretty
Last but not at all least, this blog is internet home to the nicest lady you'll ever meet! It's  full of glimpses of her life- her husband, sweet little pugs, and awesome DIY's. Plus she's moving to my beautiful state of Colorado soon! can't wait :D

Be sure to check them out readers! And have a beautiful day. 
I'll be back soon with some big news! :D

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.


Thirty Day Drawing Challenge Revisited!

Well ladies and gents, I am finally picking up where I left off on the "Thirty Day Drawing Challenge" 
that I started forever ago. 

I'm officially onnnn day 8 haha. It took me a while to think of my favorite animated character (considering Odosketch doesn't have the color purple so I wouldn't be able to do Princess Bubblegum) when it came to me- Marcel the Shell! After all, stop motion counts as animation :) Plus me, my mom and Calvin have been quoting this freaking adorable short for like a week straight now. If you haven't seen the short I'm talking about, watch it now! 

Seriously WATCH. IT. :D
It's kind of heartbreaking and hilarious and wicked adorable. Soooo, without further adieu, here is my rendition of the ever confident Mr. Marcel:

AH! I love that little guy :))

Who is your favorite animated character?

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.

What I Honestly Wore Wednesday/ Goodbye November!

So in case you were wondering where the heck I've been, 
this should clear it up for you:
So sick :( But orange double popsicles ftw!

Our bodies just thought they'd welcome the new month with debilitating illness, haha. So my "What I Honestly Wore Wednesday" was...dirty weird hair and comfy sick clothes :P We're on the mend now though!

And to you portrait commissioning people- promise I'll have them done by Christmas at the very least haha! My sincere apologies! It has been extremely busy around here.

And despite being sick, me and the Yeti got to spend a whole lot of time together which is always so nice :) Even when I'm blah and cranky and probably smelly he's so sweet heh.

By E.E. Cummings. 

How did you welcome December?

(Also, how's this new font size working for you?)
All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.


Room ReDec!

We finally finished! :D 
The downstairs bedroom is now officially my craft/ clothes/ and spare bedroom room :D 
I think it turned out so rad, but don't take my word for it! Tons of pictures!:

The three little illustrations shown above are prints from the amazing crazy talented Ambird. Who also now has a blog!! ^_^ check her out here: amberlynnseegmiller.blogspot.com
The best part is, we only spent $100 on the whole room! I used a ton of thrifted finds I had that were mismatched throughout the house and combined them in this lovely sparkly room! I wish the pictures came out clearer to accurately represent all of the awesome haha. It's full of color and brightness and tons of art and gemstones and crafts supplies and cloootthhess! We were running out of room for all of them in the rest of the house heh. Speaking of sparkly awesomeness, I tried Sally Johnson Salon Effects nail strips today and they came out amazing! 

I'll have to do a full review sometime! They were pretty time consuming, but pretty worth it I'd say! :)

Not everything this weekend was as awesome though, on our way home from shopping for all of these things, a truck turned into our lane and smashed up my little Kia pretty bad :( 

Thankfully no one was hurt, (except a pretty whopper bruise on my knee) and I think the insurance will cover everything, but it was just not a fun way to start the weekend ya know?

Ah well, everything will work out.
I've missed you guys!

All the best and brightest,
Grace Elizabeth.


Oh My Gosh

I feel freaking terrible about not blogging in so long! 
We're trying to get the downstairs bedroom renovated into a craft/clothes area for me on top of the portraits I'm working on and a crazy week at work= crapping blogging by Grace.

I'm so dang sorry guys!
I will be back as soon as I can :D 

I hope you guys are having an amazing week.
Let me know how you've been?

All the best, 
Grace Elizabeth.


Little Update

Promise I'm still alive, guys! 
I've been working hard on those commissioned portraits from the last post 
plus regular work and dates etc. hehe. I promise I'll post a longer update asap.
Have a good one, readers, I miss ya!

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.


Coloring Book Style Portraits!

I made this cute, coloring book style picture of me and the Yeti today, and I thought maybe some readers out there may like one too!! If so, email me a picture of you and your mister, cat, lady, toaster, etc. and I'll either email or post a custom portrait done in this style get this- for free! :P 

Just cause I like ya! 

Where to send the image: gracelizabeth09@gmail.com

All the best lads and ladies,
Grace Elizabeth.



For this post, I'm joining the sweet and hilarious Pamplemousse  and To Make Love Stay in their "What I Honestly Wore Wednesday" feature.

I thought it would be a nice chance to get a little real with ya'll :)

It's all well and good to see someone's outfit after they spent 2 hours getting ready to go to a special event, but it's another thing entirely to see what they wore to work after waking up 20 minutes late haha. I want you guys to feel like you know me, the real me. I want to be friends :) So here goes:

What I (Honestly) Wore Wednesday: 

This may not look too horrendous, paired with the wicked adorable scarf my Momma loomed for me :D (she's amazing- she's made me one in every color within like 3 weeks!) but trust me- the shoes are completely falling apart, hair went unwashed- cardigan roughly 6 years old :P

And oooooh, check out my super fashionable work lab coat. Irresistible- I know :P

I did, however put a little bit of time into my slightly grody hair using this tutorial 

from the always amazing Elsie Larson- honestly, is there a more innovative, hardworking, creative lady out there? Color me jealous!

I hope you enjoyed this little look into my real life haha, more to come the upcoming Wednesday's I'm sure, and be sure to check out the past WIHM posts from Pamplemousse and To Make Love Stay - they're fantastic! :)

All the best my lovely readers!
Grace Elizabeth.


Our Evening...

Went a little something like this:

How'd yours go?

All the best
Grace Elizabeth.


Daily Photos

I love instagram, and fall weather! <3
Have a great one :)
Grace Elizabeth.


What's in a name?

Ever since I was a kid, I've had a love/hate relationship with the name my parents gave me. Growing up hanging out with my older brother and nearly constantly being outside, I was a bit of a tom-boy. I preferred bike riding and running in fields and playing imaginary games with my neighbor than playing dolls or dress up. Games with Indians and wolves and amazonian jungles. This has been a huge factor in my definition. So when it came to my name: Grace Elizabeth- I always thought it sounded a little sissy. I tried to appreciate the meaning behind it, but the title always sounded a little like someone who belongs in a royal court, not fighting crime in the mean streets, or exploring long lost Egyptian tombs.

When I got older, this feeling only grew. My teen years were not unlike the middle ages- dark and smelly. Haha, okay maybe not smelly but I did wear a lot of dark clothing and always tried to project this tough confidence. I was so awkward around people I didn't know, and so afraid of getting hurt that I always felt like I had to defend myself. It was my thing. In our group of friends there was the pretty one, the smart one, the funny one and I tried my hardest to be the tough one. Not to mention at this time I was a motorcycle/ dirtbike aficionado (and have the scars to prove it :P). And my fancy shmancy name never really fit that image. No matter what I did, "Grace" still conjured images of ballerinas and glittery
floating angels to people, and I hated it. 

It wasn't until I got married and truly feel safe that I've begun let go of this outlook. I've always chose cool over pretty. Which of course is not a bad thing in and of itself, but once me and Calvin got together I've finally been able to relax about what other people think of me. I realized I had been projecting that image out of fear and anger over being hurt in the past. Fake bravery is only leather jacket clad skin deep. I still love tattoos and rad hair (even though mine has become long and boring now heh) but now I finally feel comfortable wearing cutsey vintage dresses and working with a more saturated color scheme. No longer do I have to constantly be on edge, ready to defend myself. I'm part of a team now. And with that, I've also realized that you can have both. You can fight zombies by day and wear ball gowns by night- you can be both tough and feminine. Armed with this knowledge, I hope to carve out a whole new definition for 'brutal'. It doesn't have to be a bunch of hurt kids hurting, but a bunch of people, aware of the beauty in their design and the flaws of their heart and out to make a difference all the same.

In letting go of that self consciousness, I've also really come to appreciate my name.
What a gift I've been given, to be named after something so beautiful. 
What an amazing reminder everyday of why I am alive. I hope and aim to be a reminder to others as well- it isn't always easy though (especially when you get cut off in traffic, flipped off by the driver, and spat on like I did this morning D:) but it is always worth it. Kindness and graciousness may work in mysterious, quiet ways, but like the butterfly effect dictates, it may have huge life changing results to someone else.

So I urge you today, like I urge myself daily- be kind today, live up to your name.
Whether you be a friendly Emily, a loving Amanda, a lively Chloe-
or in the case your name means bald man, or he who smells like butt, 
you can borrow my meaning if you'd like :P

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.



You guys guessed it! We were Princess Bubblegum and Finn :D
I think they pretty much perfectly sum us up hehe. 
Calvin is adventurous and kind, and I am pretty crazy about bubblegum. 
Seriously, it's a problem :P Our outfits came together so darn well tho heh, and it was my first ever time to dress up for Halloween. It was so fun!

Have a lovely night guys!

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.



Can you guess who I'm going as?
I'll give you a hint: I'm the benevolent ruler of a kingdom made of candy :D


Mix and enjoy! :D

Not the only way to have a lovely Saturday night of course, but one of our favorites hehe. 
The shoes I was wearing (though you can't really see them in these photos) were these: Kloe Wedge Booties and my new freaking favorites! Oh my gosh, I die :D

Have a good one, readers :)

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.