You Only Live Once

As you guys may know, last Monday the 30th was my birthday. The big 2-0! It fell on Memorial day this year and we had the day off of work, so Yeti took me on a lovely little birthday picnic in the park. We ate my favorite foods and had cake and cuddled and just plain enjoyed each other's company :) It was so darn nice.

I wore a dress and hat we got in Salida, the little mountain town with the sketch theater I wrote about earlier. They were from a boutique called YOLO: You Only Live Once. And holy crap, that store was amazing! I wanted everything! But I settled on this adorable, wickedly soft, ruffled dress with cream bow print, a gorgeous black and purple blouse I'll wear later on this week, and the hat shown above. That hat was not only super cute, but super smart! It had an adjustable lining, so despite the wind of that day, it stayed on my head the whole time, and kept my face from getting burnt unlike my shoulders :( I am so bad at remembering sunscreen, and I never realize I'm getting burned until its way too late. I need to get better at that this summer!

To sit on, we brought this freaking adorable quilt my Mom made me a little while back. At the time, red black and white were my favorite colors, and at each cross section of red, she added a different red, black, or white button, cause she knows I like things a little eclectic :) It was too windy out to actually light the candles, but I pretended to blow them out anyway :P It feels a little strange to be 20. It sounds too old! I kept thinking, when I was a kid and I thought of being twenty, was this what I imagined? Am I who I hoped to be? I think in many ways, yes. I found the man of my dreams and married him, we're youthful and fun and lively, our little house is finally coming around to being kinda sorta cute, we have jobs and cars and working on school. I never gave up on art and writing, which is something I was always afraid I would grow out of or lose interest in. But most of all, I'm so glad I'm happy. We're happy :)

These were some of my Glamour Shots that Calvin took, haha.
I think, too often, we let ourselves forget who we wanted to be when we were young. We excuse it as childishness, but we had those dreams for a reason. Before our hearts and minds were clouded with fear and convention and the expectations of others, we dreamed dreams we knew were right- either because they were honorable or fun or we knew it would make us happy. When I was a kid, I had my whole future mapped out. I wanted to be an artist until I was old, then retire and run a little flower shop and live above it. I'm working on the artist part, and maybe a flower shop is in my future, but most importantly, I won't forget the reason I dreamed that future- creativity. I try my hardest every day not to lose it.

Thank you for reading. If you're new here, I want you to know this is a safe warm place. This is your blog away from home, if you want it. Feel free to comment and follow, and have a beautiful day.


  1. What looks to be a burrito, hot dogs, and is that potato salad I see there? An epic combo! That dress is pretty too. I prefer black and white like that.

    I never remember sunscreen either. Speaking of which, it's been HOT down here. 89 right now, and that's the coolest it's been all week.

    I remember that quilt from one of your videos. That and the place-mat you made out of playing cards. Your mom is "bomb", as you say. :P

    The first thing I've ever wanted to be was a writer, because that has always been my niche. Was never good or interested in sports; all I wanted to do was live in my own little world and come up with stories in my head. I was the kid who liked to just look at toys to spur my imagination, not so much bang them together and whatnot, haha. I always looked at normal jobs and felt "I'll never do that". I wanted to do things with my creativity. Of course, right about now I would take just about anything. But I'll never let go of my creativity. I guess that's the upside of my being unemployed too; I can just do whatever and see where it goes because I have nothing to lose. I know my creative mission I have vowed to myself is unrealistic, but I'll keep trying until it's possible. :P Have a beautiful day!

  2. I think that was actually an egg roll of Calvin's that you're mistaking as a burrito heh, but everything was freaking delicious. I love picnic foods so much heh. And thank you about my dress! :)

    Oh geeze, that heat sounds miserable. Its been like, room temperature outdoors here lately lol.

    Haha, I forgot about that janky card place mat! lol. I was bored :P And my Mom totally is the bomb hehe.

    I completely understand where you were coming from as a kid. I played with bugs and dirt more than toys, and hated sports and group activities in general so much. And I definitely understand the "I'll never do that" and then totally selling out haha. I would have never dreamed I would be a receptionist couped up inside all day, but we gotta do what we gotta do until our hobbies pay off right? Or at least until I finish school. But don't take your free time for granted k? I would do anything to get some time off to write and relax :)

    Thanks so much for all of your comments by the way, I appreciate every single one, after all this time :P

  3. Aw, that place-mat wasn't janky. Unless it fell apart, then it was janky. But it was awesome while it lasted.

    Yeah, I'm working on a rather large project most of the time lately, which I hope to unveil in a month or two, and release in September. Writing a very dark vampire book that (hopefully) isn't lame on the side for another one of my friends, just because she requested it. And I'm contemplating freelancing for CollegeHumor and Cracked.com for a few dollars. So yeah, a lot of fun options with my free time. :P

    Well I'm glad to hear you appreciate my comments; it's been awkward that I'm the only one commenting on the last 3 posts. :( C'mon people, speak up! If I already said everything you wanted to say, just copy / paste what I said! lol

  4. How adorable are you? Your blog is too!

  5. @CaseyCannon

    Well keep me posted on all of your projects! I'd love to read them :)

    I don't have a lot of commentors on here yet heh. It's just a baby blog but its slowly gorwing! Thanks for your persistence :P

    And your shout-out worked! :D

  6. @Kaysie

    Aw, thank you very much!
    I really like yours too :)
    Follow for follow?