Blah Blah Blog

So, generally on this blog I try to avoid excessive blahblahblah-ing. I know reading every little detail of someone's life can be a little tiresome, so generally I just keep my posts to photos and a little creative writing. With that being said, I have no photos to upload as my camera got thoroughly drenched in Chick-Fil-A Polynesian sauce (more on that later) and is getting cleaned, and I've been feeling rather uncreative these past few days, so I don't have any writing either. Let the blah blah blah-ing commence. I've included some illustrations just to keep your attention :P 

A few blahs of note:

  • I ran out of gas on a major road yesterday, and nearly pee'd my pants waiting for Calvin to come get me.

  • I officially have written over thirty posts for this here blog, which is probably the most dedication I've shown towards a project since 4th grade science fair, before I realized it was all rigged and the popular son of the principal would always get first place.

  • When pressured into singing karaoke, I turn into a big, sweaty monster of panic.

  • I really hope someone invents a public toilet seat covering system that involves less accidental touching of toilet seat.

  • The Yeti and I are FINALLY taking our honeymoon, iinnn eight days! :D Wizarding World of Harry Potter here we come!

  • I am, for sure, getting a Yeti tattoo, and very soon :)

  • It is a bad idea to let your husband save the extras of his favorite condiment in your purse, and then forget it exists. It will be very hot in the car, and it will explode all over everything that you hold dear.

  • This photo collection of Birds With Arms is both disturbing and hilarious.

 Also, here is a webcam picture of my face, ya' know, to hold you over until my camera is fixed :P

Promise to have a normal blog soon! Have a lovely day :)


  1. 1. I love your art. xD The karaoke monster made me laugh out loud. And everything else was adorable (especially the germ) :DDDD
    2. Blah-Blah-ing is enjoyable to read. :)
    3. You are so stinking pretty, Grace!
    Love you lots,I enjoyed this one. :)

  2. 1. I love your face, most everything you say makes me laugh out loud.
    2. You're enjoyable.
    3. You are the stinking prettiest.

    :P hehe, thanks Vikki :)

  3. Heheh, This is one of my favorite post's so far. I found it very hilarious. I'm sorry about your purse though, you know how much I love my Napalm sauce lol xD.

    Also, you're very gorgeous and a wonderfully grand woman! :d

    Eternally yours,

  4. I just made this face:


  5. haha i spent all last night reading your blog like a good book. thank you for your sense of humor and for touching my heart! :o) i am gonna read Shades of Grey and keep up the awesome writing!

  6. @heartoflittlejane

    That is so freaking nice and wonderful to hear ^_^ Thank you!! People like you are why I blog :)

  7. @Yeti

    Tehehe, thanks babe! :) And that's okay about the sauce! lol. You're really quite grand, yourself <3