The Glass Eye

Happy Monday Readers!
I hope its been a good one, or at a least mostly tolerable one in my case :P

My newly tatooed arm is huge and swollen up to Popeye proportions, so I haven't been able to take pictures or anything for a new blog post. I did, however, discover an amazing website for artists called Odosketch. Its super fun and I freaking love how all of the tools look so realistic. If you enjoyed Artpad's sketching tool, you neeeed to check this out!

I wish I had a tablet to use with it, but its still pretty fun and versatile with just a mouse. I ended up illustrating a little story I wrote a while back using it, and unfortunately blogger won't embed the file, but if you want to watch it, follow this link.

 It goes a little bit fast, but the words are:

The girl with the glass eye loved him; the boy in the hospital bed across from hers.
He flew her paper cranes when the doctors weren't looking.
He held her hand the night she couldn't see.
Hopefully my arm gets back to normal soon and I can continue regular update posts. Thank you so much for reading, and have a beautiful night.

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