Delicious Downtown

Last night, Yeti took me on a fun little date downtown. We walked around in the lovely sunny weather, saw a bunch of beautiful flowers, and had some tasty unhealthy food :) Downtown is just dripping with history and richness. Aside from the majorly touristy areas, I really love it.

I also love it there because there are people doing something all the time. My city is safe and quiet, but pretty darn dull when you get down to it. In parts like this though, there seems to be a sense of liveliness and commotion. And really beautiful landscaping! :)

Most of these pictures were taken at the historic Pioneer Museum. While, to be honest, I don't find pioneers of Colorado terribly interesting, it still is such a cool opportunity to see things of age and story. I love being able to look up and see buildings that people generations ago also looked upon, while living a completely different way of life.

I wore: a teal and black native patterened Billabong dress, Target gladiator sandals and cardigan, and a Forever 21 bear claw necklace.
After walking around for while, our stomachs were a 'grumblin so we got some amazing stone oven style pizza at Il Vicino's.

My mouth is watering just looking at this picture! It was truly delicious :) After pizza we decided to be even MORE unhealthy and get some ice cream for dessert. It was a rough day at work, okay? :P

We went to Josh and John's, a crazy delicious cute little ice cream place just down to street. We got chocolate chip cookie dough and mint girl scout cookie cones :) They were darn good. They also have a big chalk board to draw on while you wait, so I drew a Yeti and Vamp, tehe. :)

It was such a nice night with my sweet husband. There's nothing better :)

I hope you, too, are having a wonderful summer, but for now,
have a wonderful night.


  1. I love that too; seeing buildings generations have seen before. I suppose that's why places like Rome are so appealing, since most of the buildings have been there for at least 500 years, and even some from 1,800 years ago.

    Don't be afraid to vent on here about crappy days at work. That's what blogs are for too! :P One cannot see the beautiful if one has not known the ugly.

    You've got the most awesome restaurants and whatnot in your town. That ice cream is killing me! Haha.

    A wonderful day to you!

  2. i've been following your blog for a while now... i love the way you describe everything you come across... it's moving.

    a blog i stumbled upon recently, i think would also interest you


  3. Aww, you guys are such a sweet couple! That's so cool that you have a pioneer museum near you. When I was in elementary school I went through this goofy "pioneer phase" (I think because of my American Girl doll), where I wore old fashioned dresses and read books about the Gold Rush. There are a lot of hilarious photos! :)

  4. @ Casey
    I try to let this blog be a safe warm little internet home to get away from things like work and bad days and broken hearts. There are enough places in this world for that.

    Strange cool restaurants and hangouts and bars and galleries are nestled into most crannies and nooks of most downtowns, you just have to look hard. And get a friend to go with you to help look, and have your back in dark alleyways :P

  5. @Some Call Me Sluey
    Thank you so much, how darn sweet. I stumbled upon (literally, using the site stumbleupon.com lol)that blog just last week, and love it! How funny :P It's just too perfect, I totally fell in love.

  6. @HazelandMare Thank you again for your kindness! :) My interest in vintage things and bygone eras skipped right over pioneer times for whatever reason. I think it's the dust, I hate dust heh. I loved Little House on the Prarie though, and would totally wear some of those dresses today :P How cute! You should post one of those pictures and do a Haiku about it heh.

  7. stumbling is the greatest! i find so many things i love that way :)