I wanted to share with you guys today this little piece of writing a did a few months ago which was the inspiration for the blog you see here:
I store your facial expressions up in mason jar memories and organize them on my shelf. Your finger creases and forest brown eyeflecks and soft rosy red ear curves. I have it all. Alphabetized and organized, folded, stacked, and preserved like spring peaches and zuccini and yellow white corn cob kernels. I'll never miss a thing, I'll never go hungry.
Image (C) piccsy.com


  1. Ah yes, my favorite of your romantic pieces. Before this one, my favorite was the "You're Perfect" story from the vlog you did half-asleep at like 2a.m. a long, long time ago. haha

  2. such beautiful words. and a pretty picture! just came across your lovely blog and am now following you x

  3. RosiePosie: Thank you so much! :) Glad to have you!