Story People

Me and the Yeti just decided to sign another year lease on our little town home, and in honor of this place we've come home to for three years, I decided to do a post highlighting some of our favorite parts. The "tour" starts in the master bedroom:

When you first walk in, on the right there is a humongous black dresser, with the new antigue globe from Leadville, the T.V. we use to watch Bleach every night, an adorable Target storage container in bright blue that holds DVDs, and a matching little fake tree I've made into a photo tree. An owl sock puppet is perched on top :P Above it hang a board of memories from mine and Calvin's relationship, updated from the very very beginning until now and I'm sure until the very end. And above the T.V. hangs the map art heart I made a couple of weeks ago. The bed is in the middle of the room facing out, and above it we hung a few matching typography pictures. "See the Good in All Things." One reads, another is a tandem bicycle, a photo of us, and a few clocks. The record player my father bought me in High school and records is to the left of the bed, and if you turn to the left you'll see:

The bookshelf is a cluttered towering monster that has taken on a life of its own. Upon it rests the owl collection, books, cameras, figurines, a 1930's jewelry box, and a painting by a senile Russian. On each side of it, are chairs that me and my Mom reupholstered and painted, sock monkey Calvin and Grace that she made for us, and our build-a-bear wolves. On the wall hangs a huge fork and spoon painted matte white and black, the antique Aspen picture, and a picture Calvin bought me in Manitou Springs by the Story People which says,

"I read once that the ancient Egyptians had fifty words for sand & the Eskimos had a hundred words for snow. I wish I had a thousand words for love, But all that comes to mind is the way you move against me in your sleep, & there are no words for that."
 It made me cry.
Go to the left further and you'd see the disorganized deck, Calvin's desk, and further left is the bathroom:

The bathroom is bright and blue, it has a bird cage shower curtain, a little wooden stool from our wedding, a gold-leaf antique ashtray to hold jewelry, and a basket of matryoshka soaps. The shower is guarded by a plastic red octopus, but he is camera shy. If you walk out of the bathroom, passed the counter and sinks, then out of the bedroom, you'd be in the kitchen:

It is tiny and the stove has an analog timer. Everything is red and chrome and Coke themed because, like me, Coke is syrupy and nostalgic. There are more flowers, because there should always be more flowers. They are in just a few of many milk glass vases I've collected. On the fridge is a faux wood wall decal that says, "Bake Stir Sprinkle Mix" which is adorable, but a little misleading as I rarely cook. The kitchen is open to the living room:

Which is home to a big plain tan leather couch and a lumpy green papasan chair who are best friends. There are more books and another T.V., my favorite decoration of all; the home sweet home plate, and a retro coke thermometer. There is also a fish named Ponyo, and a sucker fish with no name, but they are also camera-shy. To the right are the stairs that lead down:

Above them sits a little castaway round table with an antique mirror, my dried wedding bouquet, a left over wedding flower centerpiece, and a glass bird. Hexagon shelves with sticks and flowers and candles in them hang above it. Down the stairs is mostly storage and clothes and a parakeet with split personality disorder, but I like this corner with it's chair that may be stolen, and a shelf full of curiosities and more chrome.

Dear little home, even with all of our clutter and knick-knacks and nights stayed up late, thank you for loving us and being warm and bright and keeping all of the bad out and the merry inside. Thank you for all of your quirks and for accepting all of ours. I hope we have many years together to come.


  1. I love your little home, it's very welcoming. :)

    You know what I've always wanted? One of those old fridges with the handle that locks. You know, the kind Indiana Jones survived a atom bomb test with. Except, I've always wanted a Coca-Cola themed one. Exactly like this one from 1948...


    We shall have a race to see who gets one first! lol

  2. Aw, thanks! :D

    OH MY GOSH! That fridge is freaking fabulous! Someday when we own our home, its gonna be waaayy cooler and more decked out heh. You'll probably beat me to that fridge tho :P

  3. Also note the one that looks to be a Chevy Camaro-themed one to the right. I'm not a Chevy fan but damn that's awesome. lol The Coca-Cola one reigns as king of all refrigerators though.

  4. I LOVE the way you have decorated your house. I think my favourite is the birdcage shower curtain. You have such a great attention to detail.

  5. Danielle: Thank you! :)) I love that shower curtain too, its from Urban Outfitters. You're too sweet!