Painted Skies

Oh geeze, today has been magnificent. To start, I woke up before everyone else and crept out to our gorgeous little mountain spot. It has the most amazing view of this huge rocky valley in the middle of the city. Also, it's where Calvin proposed so it's extra special! I sat still for the longest time just breathing in the morning and watching the sun change the sky colors, like spilled paint seeping into carpet. It was gorgeous and quiet and still. I thought a lot about a lot, but mostly I thought, "This is so freaking lovely I can't find words." Then I came home and we got ready and left to get my new *drumrolllllllll*

Tattoo! :D

Progression of crazy pain.
Yaaayyy! :) I finally got the nautical matryoshka tattoo I blogged about a little while back. To be honest, it was really freaking painful. Which is why there are no pictures of my face here, because I was mostly doing this:   D:

It sucked fiercely, but it was all very worth it in the end! One step closer to my sleeve :)
Afterwards, we got lunch at Jason's Deli, whose BLT's make me weak in the knees. I'm a big fan of bacon, just gonna admit that now, heh. Then we hung out at home a little while, until Vikki remembered about an open mic night downtown and we decided to go listen.

While we were there, we found this perfect little alleyway for picture taking. My splendid sister-in-law took the photos. and as it turns out, she's freaking amazing at it, so you'll be seeing lots of her handywork and this alley to come! :)

I'm wearing a thrifted floral skirt which was actually the bottom to a terrible matching suit, paired with a nude colored tee from Target, thrifted white floral watch, black studded belt and bag from Charolotte Russe, and I believe Target flats as well.

We hung out inside for a while, sipped drinks, played some silly games, and listened to some people play whose band name I completely don't remember, oops! I got a caramel jiva-cino to sip, and let me tell you, it was delicious! If you live in the Old Colorado City area, definitely check out Jives. It was a discovery by Vikki, and we love it there now :) There is so much to adore about summer these days. It's filled with cool night breezes and fresh morning grey. A bright little home and the sweetest company. I cannot wait for every single day of this summer. I almost miss it already. I'm a big melancholy sap like that.

This is how we have to kiss: on tip-toes and bending down :P
So, thank you to Greg at Art in Motion for my fabulous new ink. Thank you Vikki for taking such quality pictures, and Calvin for posing with me. Thank you BLT maker, and old man dancing to music downtown. Thank you summer for having perfect temperatures and the most delicious tree and grass smell. Thank you everyone for this beautiful life, I cannot be more grateful.

I genuinely hope you have a million days like this one, readers.

P.S. Here are some outtake pics I thought you might enjoy :P We sure did.

Yeah, pretty sure that's a heart drawn on the wall in poop.

On that note, please follow, and share your thoughts; good, or bad.
And as always, have a beautiful day.


  1. Nice ink. It's like Dimebag Darrell once said, "Tattoos are like Lays potato chips; you can't just have one or twenty."

    My bacon love is unmatched. There's never enough, do you notice that? If only I had a bacon AK-47.

    Our summer has been hell. :P Never less than 73 degrees even in the night; averaging in the high 80's in the day. The southern heat wave won't diiiiiie!!!

    That's what an artist does, work with what they have. Apparently, someone REALLY wanted to express their inner love. Probably don't want to hug that person.

  2. Very cute post :D I love your new ink! :D

  3. My name is Danielle and I just wanted to say a quick little hello. I am now following your blog and looking forward to even more amazing posts.

    I love your tattoo by the way, matryoshka dolls are so darling.

  4. Hello, Danielle! I am so glad you liked it here enough to follow. I love your tattoos too, and your blog! :)

  5. Casey Cannon: I definitely agree with that statement. I think I might wait a while for my next one though, as my arm is super swollen and disgusting atm lol.

    Sorry about the weather! That sounds miserable D: I think I might move to Alaska every summer. I feel like a huge cranky zombie in the heat.