New Feature

1. This easy and gorgeous DIY Doily Lamp Tutorial by More Design Please

2. This Remarkable Dress by Alexander McQueen

3. This Image Taken from  'Revenge of the Lawn' by Richard Brautigan

4. A clever idea for a Magnetic Makeup Holder via Decor Hacks

5. These images and many more of what people would take with them if their house was burning via

And on a more personal note,
I also love:

1. Calvin's new adorable nickname for me:

I see tattoos and blog names in our future.

2. This picture from our wedding day.

Nothing more perfect.

3. And lastly, I love the way his eyes shine when he's looking at me. The way he holds me tightly against him when we sleep. The notes he leaves me every morning in the water droplets left on the shower window. I love our story, from the very beginning, and knowing it will have no end.

Readers, have a beautiful day.


  1. Geese Misses, the last part about made me cry lol :) I love you darling! Great idea :D Can't wait to see more <3 :)

  2. Well golly Mister, I meant every word <3
    I love you too Yeti! Thank you ^_^

  3. I love the things people would take if their house was burning. Such an interesting idea.