Today has been a slow day at work, mostly spent looking at tattoo pictures on vi.sualize.us. Holy cow, there are some that I am seriously coveting! I wanted to share a few with you as well as some of my own ink plans and ideas.

I really love this picture, as well as the tattoo:

I learned how to fold cranes a few years ago by a friend, and have been passing it along ever since. I love origami because you can do it anywhere, using most anything, and it creates something so entirely different from its origin. I've seen a gum wrapper go from trash to a little crane that makes someone's day. Me and Ms. Victoria have plans to make this tattoo idea a reality sometime in the future :)

I also just adore this swirly speckled octopus tattoo. I know, I know, octopus love is a fad just like owls and deer and bikes. But you know what? I really genuinely like octopi and owls and deer and bikes, and I think not liking something because its a fad is just as bad as liking something just for its fad status. I'm not in the business of letting the opinions of people I don't know or care about control my own. I like the sea. I like the mystery and dark and surprising beauty of it. And as such, I like the sea inhabitants. From crazy beautiful cuttlefish to scary misunderstood angler fish, to, yes, octopi. With their huge reserved eyes and dangerous tentacles. I think there is a lot to be learned from them. I digress, this tattoo is awesome, and I very much want it :)
Speaking of deer,

 These two done by Sandi Calistro are just freaking amazing. She's actually one of my favorite artists too! I hope some day I can get a tattoo done by her, she's so darn talented.
She also did these two sets of memorial feet tattoos that I am in love with:

All Images (C) Sandi Calistro.

I like the first a lot because I'm a huge fan of sugar skulls and greasers, and I really love the timeless beauty captured in the second set. What a lovely way to remember who taught those feet to walk :)

I also really love couple tattoos like these nerdy color spectrum ones :) It says to me that you know your love is as permanent as ink. The Yeti and I actually have little matching inifinity symbols on our inner biceps.

Infinity (symbol: )  refers to a quantity without bound or end: <3

As far as my personal ink plans for the future, I don't want to get too detailed because of all those silly idea stealers out there, but I see silhouettes and wind and hot air balloons and punctuation in our future.
It is a bright future indeed :P
Have a beautiful day, everyone.


  1. Love your newest tattoo...don't think I would ever be brave enough to get one though, I hate pain! lol
    I love sea creatures too...always have...did you know Octopi are actually quite intelligent. There was one at an aquarium that kept sneaking out of its tank to other tanks and eating the animals. The keepers couldn't figure out what was happening to their fish and thought they had a thief so they set up a camera and caught video of this octopus climbing out of his tank and going to other tanks in search of prey. Pretty smart eh?

  2. Well thank you very much :) Getting a tattoo is definitely not fun at the time, but I feel like it's worth it in the end! Psh, anyone that can have a baby can get a tattoo :P Tehe, what a clever octopus!