Diner Date

The other night, Yeti took me on a cute little retro dinner and shopping date :) We went to a restaurant here in town called Gunther Toody's, and if you don't have one where you live, you're missin out :P They have the greatest shakes and malts, walls covered with cute 50's kitsch decor, red vinyl booths, and swing tunes on the jukebox :)

Obviously I felt right at home :)
It was such a fun sweet silly dinner. As much fun as it is to visit a different time like that, I think too often we romanticize the past. I can't tell you how many times I've heard girls say, "I was born in the wrong time era." As they're texting and listening to their ipod. How completely we take the present for granted! We think, well, 50 years ago, things were different, you got to wear cute dresses and men courted you good and proper. And yes, things have changed, for the better and the worse, but there is no time more worthy to be lived than the here and the now. There is no point glorifying 50 years ago or 5 days ago, this is the day that we have. It is your choice to be a part of it, or be a ghost haunting your own memories and conceptions of bygone eras. Besides, there are men who will court you good and proper these days too, you just have to get lucky, and find one who is part Yeti :)

The restaurant also had a whole huge selection of weird vintage pictures and posters and signs. I particularly love the terrifying anthropomorphic Mr. Peanut :)
Also, shown above is my asian face. I make this face when I laugh too hard apparently, and being with my Yeti means I make this face often. I am not proud of it.
I also really enjoyed this sign:

It's basically my life's motto :P
After dinner, me and Yeti went downtown to a little cool second hand book store/ cafe called Poor Richards. We shopped and giggled and drank coffee and listened to live music. Then we ran around downtown, carved our name in a tree, danced to rap music in the street, swang on light poles. It was a perfect night.

There was some street smooching as well :P
I hope everything is going well for you this week, readers. I hope you have beautiful summer nights and someone to dance with. And as always, have a wonderful day.


  1. My favorite is the street smooching :) Hehe But really, great job dearest <3 I'm sure your readers appreciate the near daily Updates and dedication :)

    Eternally yours, yeti.

  2. Tehe, mine too. Well I sure hope so dear, but you appreciating it is enough for me :)

    Eternally yours <3

  3. Man that place is awesome.

    I love living in this era. Things have always been the same because people have always been the same. Tail-chasing men, promiscuous ladies, wars overseas, worries of impending annihilation, rapists, molesters, murderers, racists, sexists, xenophobics, homophobics, greedy companies and tyrannical politicians. People never change. Might as well stay in the time where you can re-live the past through video games and keep your cell phone! As Louis C.K. says, "Everything is AMAZING now."

    In addition to the creepy gourde-man serial killer, I must have that Mr. Peanut. I'm sure if anyone broke into my house, they would run right out as soon as they saw the shit I would have if I had my way.

    Pickpockets, yes. Loose women? Hmm, well, what if they're..? No? But let's say... Always? Oh, alright... Hmmph.

    You two are owning the world! :D

  4. Yeah, I definitely agree with you sir. What a freaking great quote :)

    Haha, I was definitely eyeing that peanut man too lol.

    And yes, sir, avoid loose women, always :P
    Class is where it's at.

    And as are you! :P