Wu is Me

In the midst of the Jason Wu for Target craze, or Wunami if you will, I saw this gorgeous and slightly weird dress hanging. I ran up and it was my size, the last one. I immediately purchased it of course, but once I got home and tried it on I realized it was not super flattering on my short and stubby with boyish hair frame. 

But alas, a slave to fashion, I tried every combination of belts and tights and shoes until I found this one. Still slightly conjures images of bowling shirts and cowboys, but I kind of like its weirdness :)

And at the end of the day, whatevs.
Hope you've been well, awesome lovely readers of this blog.
I'd love to hear from you, if you have time.

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.



Hey all! After being introduced to the awesome utility Gumroad (an online marketplace that directly connects the buyer to the seller, no Paypal, Ebay, etc involved. Just put in your credit card info and download!) about a week ago, I've been considering selling some digital art I've made but I wasn't sure if there would be any interest. 

So I thought I'd ask you guys, do you think you'd be interested in buying a digital copy of one of the many cards I've made over the years? It would only be the more generally worded ones of course (unless you also have a husband named Calvin, haha) and they'd only be roughly 2-3$!! Examples below :D

There are super sweet ones, silly ones, cards for friends who are away, loved ones who need cheering up, or reminders of your love. A neat way to convey your feelings and give the gift of handmade art all in one!

Calvin is cool with it, by the way haha. He thinks it would be neat to profit a little from all of the countless hours I've put into these cards for him XD 
(Purchasing would give you only the rights to print and give the card, not sell for profit, or give you any rights to the images to be reworked, or redistributed in any way.)

If you wouldn't want to purchase from Gumroad, I may consider listing them in my Etsy shop. I just love the simplicity and hassle free approach Gumroad takes! And thanks for the feedback peeps! Have an awesome day! :D

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.


Cinema Saturday

Hey everyone :) Just wanted to share our lovely day with ya! 
Lately I've been completely incapable of sleeping in late, so I woke up around 8:00 and annoyed Calvin :P He never gets up when I do this but I do it anyway haha. Eventually I got up and made a boss breakfast of biscuits, scrambled eggs with cheese and chives, coffee and hot cocoa and organic grapefruit with sugar :P Plus check out our little vintage seasoning men below! I love those guys heh :D

Then we nommed it in bed and watched cartoons :P Well, Bleach, but it's animated so that counts haha. Afterwards, we snuggled a bunch and randomly fell back asleep for like 5 hours XD When we finally got up we decided to go see a movie using the Cinemark gift card I got from my brothers lovely girlfriend. I wore a new Target chevron printed dress with crazy tights and Indian sandals haha. Calvin wore an anchor t-shirt I got him for Valentine's that happened to match my dress awesomely :) And looked so darn handsome in it might I add! :D If you can't tell, I'm having so much fun taking pictures with a legit camera again! Finally I can post with more than Instagram photos haha!

Then we got a super tasty lunch at Panera Bread, snapped some quick extremely windy pictures, and saw Ghostrider 2. Which was weird and very unlike the first, but still good. It's the hand holding and snuggling and the 'laughing at the same parts' that matters most anyways.

So there you go. Dates don't have to be magical to be magical :P
We see movies all the time, but I really freaking love each one! It's awesome having a best friend to see them with, whom you can also smoosh your face on XD

I hope you had a great sunny Saturday, too.
I hope someone made you smile and know you're not alone.

All the best, 
Grace Elizabeth.



I love falling snow. I love the seemingly endless uncountable flakes, like stars. I love the quiet of it. There is no more peaceful precipitation than snowfall. 

Junior year of High School, my little group of best friends and I went on a retreat with our church to the most beautiful cluster of cabins in the mountains I've ever seen. We would wake up early to breakfast and worship, talk all day, stay up late and repeat. And every day we were there, we were met by these huge quiet flakes falling. It's one of my favorite memories of us all together, before college in different states, and life in general would pluck us away from each other. I remember one night in particular, I left the laughter and plinking of an out of tune piano in a common room and went outside. I heard the heavy wooden door close and taper out all the noise and I was left alone there, with the falling snow.

I like to feel quiet and small once in a while.

I hope you have a beautiful day.
I hope you have a chance to sip your favorite coffee, and find meaning in poetry you never found before, and hold a warm hand to yours.

I wish you all the best,
Grace Elizabeth.


In Colorado,

Inappropriate footwear, a foot of snow overnight, a boy who scrapes off the sidewalk for you. 
For me, this is winter <3

(Look who got her camera working?? :D)

All the best and beautiful,
Grace Elizabeth.


Speaking of logos,

I finally finished my logo submission for Parley, the college's academic journal! :D

It's a pencil on one end, and a megaphone on the other to represent their theme, "The Power of Voice." I think I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out! :)
This is what it has come to, blogging about logo designs -____- oh boy, hahah. Bear with me folks! And have a beautiful day.

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.


A Confession

So amid the hurry and flurry and hustle and bustle of logo designing, house cleaning, bill paying, working and trying to stay sane, we made a big decision: we want a baby. :D It's a little scary to say that out loud. I've had this huge fear my whole life that for some reason I won't be able to have kids, so I don't want to jinx us further by talking about it. But here I am, talking about it. I want a little person with his eyes and my hair, his fingers and my elbow creases. We want a little thing to love and take care of. It's huge and scary, I realize. And I'm not promising I won't regret saying this later if we find out we can't even have kids, or if we can and its completely overwhelming. But we've got a good strong thing going, and a good strong God. 
I'm sure either way we'll be just fine <3 

Also, this song has been stuck on repeat in my head all day:

All the best
you lovely people,
Grace Elizabeth.


At long last, writing:

The coffee staining the edges of the mug in her hand is the same color as her eyes, and just as bitter.
Dark, reflective, caffeinating. She says her words with emphasis when she speaks.

"poignant." "exploitative." "sublime."

It was a peep show every time she opened her mouth, a quick little glimpse into the dark of her. There was nothing to really do except sit there across from her, and watch. Pretend earnestly to not be endlessly dull and maybe have some secrets of my own. But my sleeves hold no tricks. Nothing at all except a scratchy white washing instructions tag and my every effing emotion.

And I'm sure she's noticed, but she keeps talking.

"prerogative." "chagrin." "ruminate."

My foot taps the stool base with such ferocity that the bitter drinks on the table ripple- and my mind cuts to that scene in Jurassic Park. I saw it with my idiot cousin in middle school. Right when the bad guy gets eaten as gruesomely as PG13 movie standards would allow, he had the sudden inclination to wretch on my new white Chucks. I still remember that sharp rotten popcorn stick.

I notice now that she's stopped talking and I try to snap my face back into a normal expression. I glance up and catalog everything about her I can before she is done taking that sip. Her bleeding fingernails. Tiny wrists. Rosey red arm bumps.

And suddently, I want to scream.
"Run!", I want to say.

"Run. This life is not the one you want. The raptors are coming.
The effing t-rex and stegosauruses are on their way and they will devour you. And there will be nothing PG13 about it."

But I don't say that, or anything. I sit and I listen to her finish the story she's telling. Something about her mom collecting anthropomorphic vegetable figurines. I try to time my laugh with hers, but I can tell it was a little off. I watch as her eye corners crinkle up, and for just a moment, I think I see the surface of those dark roasted eyes ripple.

Coffee and dinos, what more could you want :)
Hope you've all been well readers, and had a lovely day of lovin'.

Ours was interrupted slightly by college classes and work, but we'll be sure to have a V-Day repeat this weekend. Speaking of school, it's been occupying a whole lot of my face, so I'm sorry about that. Blogging might be slightly more sparse for a little bit. Hope you guys can be patient with me. 

All the best!
Grace Elizabeth.


Same Old

Hey guys :) I haven't posted in a few days because not much has changed around here!
I'm still obsessing over Wuthering Heights:

I may have even bought an audiobook. Oh boy -____-

This is my favorite quote from it which I may need to get tattooed very soon XD:

Click img for source.
Still Loving my Keurig and hanging out in my spare room:

But I did finally get some new boots! Seen in this outfit from yesterday:

And a new insane cute backpack for school (cause I'm five):

It's from Target by the way. You know you want one :P
And just in time too! It snowed like, a few feet here haha. But it's pretty so that's okay :) I hope everyone has been well. And happy weekend!

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.