Cinema Saturday

Hey everyone :) Just wanted to share our lovely day with ya! 
Lately I've been completely incapable of sleeping in late, so I woke up around 8:00 and annoyed Calvin :P He never gets up when I do this but I do it anyway haha. Eventually I got up and made a boss breakfast of biscuits, scrambled eggs with cheese and chives, coffee and hot cocoa and organic grapefruit with sugar :P Plus check out our little vintage seasoning men below! I love those guys heh :D

Then we nommed it in bed and watched cartoons :P Well, Bleach, but it's animated so that counts haha. Afterwards, we snuggled a bunch and randomly fell back asleep for like 5 hours XD When we finally got up we decided to go see a movie using the Cinemark gift card I got from my brothers lovely girlfriend. I wore a new Target chevron printed dress with crazy tights and Indian sandals haha. Calvin wore an anchor t-shirt I got him for Valentine's that happened to match my dress awesomely :) And looked so darn handsome in it might I add! :D If you can't tell, I'm having so much fun taking pictures with a legit camera again! Finally I can post with more than Instagram photos haha!

Then we got a super tasty lunch at Panera Bread, snapped some quick extremely windy pictures, and saw Ghostrider 2. Which was weird and very unlike the first, but still good. It's the hand holding and snuggling and the 'laughing at the same parts' that matters most anyways.

So there you go. Dates don't have to be magical to be magical :P
We see movies all the time, but I really freaking love each one! It's awesome having a best friend to see them with, whom you can also smoosh your face on XD

I hope you had a great sunny Saturday, too.
I hope someone made you smile and know you're not alone.

All the best, 
Grace Elizabeth.

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