I love falling snow. I love the seemingly endless uncountable flakes, like stars. I love the quiet of it. There is no more peaceful precipitation than snowfall. 

Junior year of High School, my little group of best friends and I went on a retreat with our church to the most beautiful cluster of cabins in the mountains I've ever seen. We would wake up early to breakfast and worship, talk all day, stay up late and repeat. And every day we were there, we were met by these huge quiet flakes falling. It's one of my favorite memories of us all together, before college in different states, and life in general would pluck us away from each other. I remember one night in particular, I left the laughter and plinking of an out of tune piano in a common room and went outside. I heard the heavy wooden door close and taper out all the noise and I was left alone there, with the falling snow.

I like to feel quiet and small once in a while.

I hope you have a beautiful day.
I hope you have a chance to sip your favorite coffee, and find meaning in poetry you never found before, and hold a warm hand to yours.

I wish you all the best,
Grace Elizabeth.

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