A Confession

So amid the hurry and flurry and hustle and bustle of logo designing, house cleaning, bill paying, working and trying to stay sane, we made a big decision: we want a baby. :D It's a little scary to say that out loud. I've had this huge fear my whole life that for some reason I won't be able to have kids, so I don't want to jinx us further by talking about it. But here I am, talking about it. I want a little person with his eyes and my hair, his fingers and my elbow creases. We want a little thing to love and take care of. It's huge and scary, I realize. And I'm not promising I won't regret saying this later if we find out we can't even have kids, or if we can and its completely overwhelming. But we've got a good strong thing going, and a good strong God. 
I'm sure either way we'll be just fine <3 

Also, this song has been stuck on repeat in my head all day:

All the best
you lovely people,
Grace Elizabeth.

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