Orange Creamsicle

As all of you know, yesterday was Fathers Day! My Dad literally taught me almost everything I know. From reading (the words 'biggie sized' on a burger king menu to be exact) to being brave and loyal. He is strong and bright and such a leader. Ever since I can remember I've been crazy proud to have him as a Dad.
He is one of those people who has everything he wants though, so I painted him a picture for the occasion instead :P

Yeah, it's super childish :)
We all went to church, lunch, and a movie to celebrate our wonderful Papa :) While we were waiting for everyone to show up for the movie, Yeti, Vikki, and I went to this completely adorable cupcake shop next door.

Orange creamsicle cupcake :)
They had the cutest assortment of cupcakes, and retro decor to top it off?! Yes please :P
It even matched my little blog with a crazy cute, cupcake themed bunting:

Warning: Pink Overload. May cause retinal damage.
And look at those little newspaper flower holders! :D Ah! I wore Charolotte Russe wedges, a glittery gold and pastel gemmed owl necklace and one of my very favorite Target dresses. It is actually a very tasteful salmon color, not electric orange as these photos would lead you to believe :P I was chaneling sort of a Jackie O meets Elsiecake from A Beautiful Mess. I think overall it was a pretty great day. We saw The Green Lantern, which was not as terrible as I expected it to be. Don't get me wrong, I love comic book movies, but animated purple aliens? Not my cup of tea. One movie I am crazy excited for though is the new Harry Potter!! :D Only one more month!! We are truly geeking out.

I hope you all had a very sweet Father's Day weekend as well. I know for a lot of us, that day can be a sad reminder of what you've lost. I hope instead, you were reminded of how loved you are by the people that you do have, and as always I hope you have a beautiful day :)


  1. Love your outfit and all these pictures! I'm also wayyyyy too excited for the Harry Potter movie next month - can't wait!!!

  2. Ah, my all time favorite dress. It looks so fine on you ;) and you are the most gorgeous person of all time! I love you so much Grace <3 xoxoxox great blog :)

  3. Macy,

    All of your Blogs make me cry, not sure if that is your goal but if it is you succeed every time :) This is so sweet and you looked super pretty yesterday! I love that dress as well.

    Love you,

  4. My god, that cupcake looks amazing. And I don't normally like cupcakes. Mouth watering!

    Man, you have the best taste. That outfit is beast. My favorite part is the necklace, it just completes it.

    Yeah, I think I'll skip Green Lantern... I like the comics (particularly the 70's Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams issues), but the movie seems to be more in line with a animated series version of the Green Lantern, rather than the comic version. Plus, the CGI is looking pretty terrible, which kills a popcorn action movie for me.

    A beautiful day to you, my friend!

  5. Annie: Thank you so much! I love your blog btw, I followed :)

  6. Yeti: Tehe, thank you babe! I'm so glad you like it. I love you with all of my heart! xoxox--> infinity.

  7. Momma: Awww, don't cry! Hehe, thanks, and I love you!

  8. Casey: Haha, thank you sir! It was a scrumptous cupcake :P There are like a million more flavors out there than I never knew existed heh, you should check out your local cupcake place if you have one!

    Thank you very kindly, I liked the necklace the best too :P

    The CGI was pretty terrible, and so was the plot...and acting. Yeah, it wasn't that great haha. I was expecting much worse though.

    The beautifullest of days to you!