Do the Loco-motion!

Happy Friday, readers! 
Honestly, is there anything better than a warm sunny Friday where you know you have the whole weekend ahead of you? Erm, maybe some things, but it's still pretty great :)

The other night, the fabulous Ms. Vikki found this super great spot along the train tracks to take pictures, and be goofy and giggle and generally have a great time. We lugged out my big old Sony DSC-H5 to take them with, since my good little camera is still sick :( Next to the tracks there was also a whole old warehouse covered in the coolest darn graffeti ever.

Despite how I look in that picture, I am not super ripped, haha. I have actually been very scrawny and a little undeveloped my whole life. I've worn the same shoe size since middle school, and didn't lose my first tooth until I was 8. I talk a big game though :)
I believe you're only as tough as the ferocity inside of you.
Charm and wit and looks are great if you are blessed with them, but that deep down strength to get through whatever lies in your path is, to me, real character. Someday, I want to get the words 'True Grit' on my knuckles just as a reminder not to lose that :)

We took some pictures of Vikki too while we were there, and I think they turned out pretty darn great. She's so beautiful its ridiculous :P

Not to mention totally hilarious and my best lady friend :) Look at that hair! It's like a cascading river of gold, haha. Speaking of beautiful people, our blog has officially hit 25 followers! :D I appreciate it so much, it is so darn flattering to know that 25 people in this world care what I have to say.
Not only that, but every last one of you is sweet and kind and some have crazy great blogs of your own! I'm so happy to be a part of your day, all of you. I mean it :)

I was mid-talking in that top one in case you couldn't tell :P
I wore some random Ross dress, a vintage leather braided belt, Target flats, and a vintage studded leather bag that I bought for 3.99 and totally adore. It was such a nice, comfy outfit for this amazing hot-but-not-too-hot with a side of breeze weather. We leave for Universal in 6 days! I can't guarantee the Florida heat won't kill me, and my hair will be an awful fuzzy mess, but boy am I excited!

For any new readers out there, Vikki is my sister-in-law. She's a little younger than us, but mature and super sweet and cute and creative. She moved into our downstairs about a month or so ago due to some family issues, and its been so nice to have her. A lot of people have been saying that it's a not a great idea to have her live with us since we're newlyweds, etc. but honestly, it's been a breeze. She's clean and nice and it's like having a sleepover every night :)

Yes, I am a nerd that still collects rocks. I really liked this one, heh. I looks like a teeny meteor :)

I realize all of the poses in this picture are almost the same, they were just all too pretty to choose from! :)

Some of these pictures were taken right as a train was going by, which was both scary and awesome :) It seems a  little crazy that locomotion still exists though! I've never been on a train before except those little sight-seeing ones in the mountains. Thats a new item on my to-do list- take a train somewhere!

Thank you so much for reading!
It makes me all proud and mushy to get your sweet comments :)
I hope you all have a wonderful,
stupendous, crazy beautiful day.

I'll leave you with this one last picture, my favorite picture of the whole night, lol:

bahaha :D


  1. Awe :) You are way to nice. I love this post! :D lol. I love that oufit on you and your pictures turned out really well. Plus, I think you are as ripped as you look. ;) But in a feminine way. :p You be the toughest lady I know! :)))

  2. These pictures are great! What an awesome location! You both look adorable.

  3. You are pretty ripped! I recall in your old tour of your house vlog a long while back that your arms were pretty tight. You could probably beat me up! lol

    Yeah, I was always the big kid growing up. Was the tallest (and the fattest) in school, haha. Being the big kid was interesting. I had the opposite problem with shoes, I went to a higher size every 6 months or so (I wear a mens size 16 boot and can squeeze into a 15 sneaker). You could always sense there was an expectation to get into sports and such, even if nobody ever really said so. Some kids were afraid of me, others probably should have been, and a select few didn't care what I looked like. Toughness is holding your head high without fear while the world around you is going to hell. By the way, I'm guessing you just saw the Cohen's adaptation of True Grit, eh?

    Once again, a very pretty dress you have on. But you should have shown off the bag! You built it up to be so cool, and it's hiding behind you. I like the strap though!

    That's nice of you to let Vikki stay with you guys. I don't really see how being newlyweds would make it bad to have her. No different than it would have been before you two were married or in a year from now. Love how people like to make every tiny thing like "Oh lord, that's a bad idea..." Tell them to mind their own damned business. :)

    I was on a train for a 4th grade school trip to Raleigh. It was kinda fun. Would either be funner or more boring, now that I'm an adult and don't have to stay in my seat for all those hours. I don't remember much of the ride, except playing Pokemon Yellow and listening to my favorite radio station at the time, 93.3 "The Planet".

    Sorry I haven't been commenting. I've been kinda busy. :) Love your blog. A phenomenal, magnificent, insanely gorgeous day to you.

    @Vikki Grace is right, you are pretty too! Love your flip flops (don't kill me if their not flip flops; I know nothing of shoes :P). Would imagine they would be tough on the train tracks though.

  4. trains are great. i'm taking an 8 day train trip for my honeymoon this coming winter :) should be a killer trip!

    also, i feel i should explain, i know your OTHER sister in law.

  5. Vikki is adorable! She looks like a little porcelain doll :)

  6. Sluey: Oh really? Which sister in law is this? :)

  7. Ashleigh: I know, she IS a doll! :)