While I know we're not a fairytale, I am nothing less than enchanted.

Countless bright white and pink lit mornings, our hair tangled and matted in each other's. Mouths open and dry with sleep, minds fuzzy with half remembered dreams and movie reel figment memories. Our first sight reflected in each other's clear blue eyes, lips cracking chapped smiles.

This is how I will remember this summer.


  1. :D gosh, I'm tearing up here, that is so so cute :D hehe I love the way you write, you're an amazing artists Grace, you're my world <3 xoxoxox :)))

    Eternally yours, yeti :P

  2. EEEP! I LOVE THE QUOTE UP TOP!!! although it didn't bring a tear to my eye nor are u MY world lol, cute pic!and the caption on the bottom very well written

    ms. alexa

  3. Great writing. :) The picture reminds me of something Kevin Smith said to his friend Malcom Ingrim when they were going to head to Toronto for a hockey game in a prom bus.

    Malcom: "We should get body pillows"
    Kevin: "What's a body pillow?"
    M: "You don't know what a body pillow is? Aw, they're awesome, they're pillows the size of a human being. You could cuddle with it, put a leg over it, they're amazing"
    K: "Well dude, I have a wife for that."

  4. @ Yeti Lexa and Cas
    Thank yoou for your kind words! :D

  5. @ Casey
    Hahaha, how cute. I make a great pillow :))
    And thank you!

  6. Danielle,
    Thank you! I'm really glad you think so :))