Jonesin' for Quotes

We're back everyone! :D

Those six days spent with my Yeti at Hogwarts, were literally the best I've had so far. It was magical and so hot and sometimes scary and fun and romantic. As it turns out, I totally love the wet blanket heat that is the Florida atmosphere, and I can't wait to save up enough to go back! I've been swamped catching up at work, so I haven't had time to get pictures uploaded and edited on my old clunker of a computer. But, while meadering the internet today, I found some amazing quotes I wanted to share with you!

Coming back to real life after such an amazing time has been a little difficult, but it has made me see what a huge waste we've been making of our time. Life can be fun and sometimes scary and exciting EVERY day if you work hard enough at it, so no longer will I be dragging my feet, just getting by. I feel a change in the wind, readers. The world feels ablaze with new opportunities and honestly, I feel really very hopefully for the first time in a long time.

Oh my gosh, I could not agree more.

I have, by no means, a difficult job as a receptionist. Millions of people just like me around the world do the same thing and get along just fine, and while I think that's totally alright for them, it's really been wearing me down. Emotionally, as well as physically. I've been getting stress headaches almost every day for a while now, and I'm just at the end of my rope. I find it completely draining to live each day without passion and creativity. I want a bright future. I want color and violent hand-shaking passion. It just so hard to be brave when your familys' well-being is on the line. I know I am protected though, and my story is written flawlessly, I won't fear.

A lot of what inspired this way that I am feeling, nerdily enough, was Harry Potter. We saw the 12:00AM premiere of The Deathly Hallows pt. 2, and don't worry, I won't spoil it for you, but it was epic. It made me realize, that while having fun watching movies and reading stories is okay, and even good sometimes, I have been living my adventure vicariously through fictional characters. I want my own epics, and adventures, and stories. I want to carve out a mark for myself in this life, rather then just float in the streams. I've felt so fruitless and uninspired lately, but this is where I change that. Slowly and surely, I AM GOING TO make changes. I will not procrastinate, be afraid, or logic this feeling away. If you've seen HP 7 pt. 2, then you'll understand when I say that I want to be a Neville.

True, that.
Have a beautiful, inspired day everyone.
See you with pictures real soon :)

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  1. Haha I love all these quotes :) you
    re the best blogger ever! :) you're so so so pretty it's insane, and all the words you say and all the thought's you have are so dear and precious. I love you so much Grace :D Great job! ^.^ xoxoxoxox

    Eternally yours, Yeti.

  2. This is so inspiring! I too have been working on creating a life that is more exciting and that I feel more strongly about, because right now my job is wearing on me. I don't feel passionate about it in the least, and it's tough spending 8 hours a day on something that you're not passionate about in the least. So I want to make things happen too! We can do it!!!

    So glad you had fun on your Potter adventure!