Mountain Peaks and Antiques

We're back! Our long Memorial/ B-day weekend was full to the brim with amazing views, family, and my favorite: antiques! This is going to be a pic-heavy post because there was just so much to see!

Squirrel Cleavage. Nuff' said.
On Friday night, we drove up to Buena Vista, a little mountain town slightly reminiscent of horror movie mountain towns where they skin and eat people, and got some rest. Saturday morning, we got breakfast at the Rooster's Crow and had some pretty intense creamer stacking sessions:

Please, God, let that be bacon.
Also, how cute is my Mom?! :D
Afterwards, we drove even further into the mountains to a little mining town called Leadville. My family had visited here before, roughly 5 years ago, and even then I was crazy about antiques. They have this huge, two story antique mall just literally packed full of all things old and interesting. We never made it to the second floor five years ago, which has tortured me with curiosity ever since :P We finally got to see it! :D

Antique collector's Mecca.
I had such a hard time trying to look at everything in the midst of the madness! Looking back at pictures, there are tons of things I wish I had bought or at least looked at. I can't wait for the next trip! I went looking specifically for owls because they have been one of the long standing collections and loves of mine. And oh boy, did I find them. :)
Remember that song Ariel from the Little Mermaid sings on the beach when she gets her voice back?
I can hear it now.
They also had this thing:

Kill it with fire.
And a wide selection of hats that fit no human sized head I've ever seen:

The marshmallow hat is particularly fly.
I had so much fun at the antique mall, and cannot wait to go back soon! I can't say the same for everyone else though, heh. They don't share my affinity for old dusty stuff :P But hey, it was for my birthday!

Pictured above: Yeti's "I'm sick of shopping" face.
Also, Momma's and the Papa's record! :D
Later on that evening, after shopping at some more boutiques, etc, we went to see a movie at the world's sketchiest theater. It was actually pretty fun. Even though it was a little run down and tiny, it was owned by some really nice people and the over all atmospere was super cool. It's nice to see people trying to pursue and pervey awesome places and bring their community together.

The screen was roughly three arm lengths wide. Also shown: my gosh darn
beautiful birthday necklace from my yeti! ^_^
We drove back Sunday afternoon. The driving was my least favorite part. Tiny winding mountain roads make me a hundred kinds of nauseous. They give me that same panic I feel on a swing set or enclosed space. Over all though, I had a freaking amazing weekend. I'll have another post soon showing some of the antiques I ended up with. I also have pics from my Birthday picnic, and I'm working on a Home post as well, detailing some of my favorite places in our little abode. Thank you everyone who made my weekend great! I love you all so much! As always, feel free to comment and follow, and have a great day :)


  1. Good times! I once had to take the mountain roads through Cherokee Forest when visiting TN, so I know how much they suck. Had 26 hairpins just like this one (I counted!):


    Also, I want that gourde-man statue thing, Badly. Oh and sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday yesterday; I kept thinking it was Sunday because of memorial day. :P So, happy 7,306th day of life!

  2. Oh geeze! The roads we had to drive weren't quite that bad :P That looks terrifying heh.

    Well sir, next time I'm up in Leadville if they haven't sold the gourde-man yet, or if it hasn't ran away to massacre tiny vegetable villages, I'll buy it for ya :P

    And thank you! It was a very happy birthday :))