Quieting the unrequited.

This past week, I started maintaining my Daily Booth account again, in an effort to get to know people more. That sounds a little sad when read aloud lol, but with classes being out, and my old friends spread across the country now, the only people I really interact with anymore are my immediate family and co workers. As wonderful as they all are, I get a little antsy mentally and I love to talk to new people and get a different view of things. I got into a conversation with a young girl about liking a boy who doesn't like you back and, seeing as (before my wonderful relationship now) I've had experience in that area, I tried to give her some advice. I know a few people who would do good to hear this as well, so I thought I'd post what was said, and maybe my old heart ache can be put to good use finally.
The conversation will be interspersed with some quote images I found this week, and adore. All found here.

I'm in love with someone who doesn't love me back. This feels good. FML.
I've been there! I'm sorry, I know it's rough. What made everything better for me, was instead of obsessing over every little comment and conversation and look exchanged, I took a deep breath, reminded myself I was desirable and had a life outside of him, and then I moved towns haha. Found a boy who loved me from a distance for years, and now we're married :) life gets better, great even. Good luck!

Girl: You're inspirational. I'm so happy for you - just saw your wedding photos, you and your husband look absolutely gorgeous! It's so hard cause I've been here before, I don't want to go through the same pain as I did first time around.

Me: Aw that's so sweet of you! :)) Honestly, I went though some crazy heartbreak before now, and it never gets easier. Please please save yourself the pain, and know when to get out. If he's with someone else or just a bad guy in general, try to realize it before it's too late and your heart gets muddy and tired and hurt again, okay? :) Because you never know, your future husband may be admiring you from a distance <3

Girl: So what do you suggest I set my focus on?

Me: What helped me a ton was to focus on making myself better. Whatever makes you feel like a beast, tattoos or writing or making things with your hands. Something that sets you apart from the crowd and makes you feel good and worthy. Worshipping God. Charity work or something easy, like learning. Make yourself feel utterly desirable. I feel like the biggest problem with loving a boy who is not yours, is an issue of confidence. Why doesn't he like me, or why is he with her instead of me, or why is he such a player and won't just date me, etc. Remind yourself how desirable you are, and the confidence will come, along with the clarity to see that you deserve someone to chase you. You deserve someone who would do anything just to hold your hand, not kiss you in the dark and deny it in the light. Does that all make sense?

Girl: Yes it does. Wow you're actually so great to talk to about these things. You know all the right things to say to boost someone's self esteem. Thank you so much x

Me: Great :) Thank you. I didn't listen to a single person who tried to give me any advice and I wound up really hurt. I also ended up much stronger though, strength I wouldn't give back for the world. So it's your choice. I hope you have a lovely day :)

A few days later, that same girl posted a new picture, this one smiling, and said this:

"Thanks to Grace, I am feeling much better about the situation. I've decided to put my focus elsewhere and try to move on with things. Sh*t happens, you just have to deal with it and move on. <3"

Me: You're gonna do wonderful.


(P.S. Almost 2000 blog views today! Ahhh :D Thank you everyone for the views! Keep spreading the word and maybe someday we'll have a big grown-up blog with giveaways and sponsorships and everything! :P)


  1. Ohh how sweet are you Gracie Girl :)
    I'm glad I have a wife that desires to help people to the best of her abilities. You're a wonderful person grace.

    Eternally yours,

    Yeti <3

  2. How wonderful and inspirational..I love this! I cried, actually--but then again I have cried at all of your blogs, not because they were all sad, but because I am so proud of you! You are so strong and brave and caring--never stop being you, Macy!
    Love you forever, Mom.