Bettie Bangs and Begonias

Hello Readers! I have new Bettie Page bangs!! :D I felt like I needed a hair change, and I've been wanting these bangs for a while, so I just went for it! I hope you've had as lovely a weekend as I did. I was feeling a little under the weather on Friday, but after roughly 16 hours of sleep, by Saturday I felt great! My Yeti took me on a chick flick and dinner date. We saw Bridesmaids (hilarious), got cupcakes and went to Mimi's Cafe, my favorite lunch spot, and later, went shopping at the World Market and spent way too much :P Overall it was such a warm, fun day.

That night, we got into a conversation about how much we've changed since we've been together, now favoring netflix and take out rather than being out on the town. We used to stay up all night and meet people and race and laugh and drink too much caffeine and just generally act our age. In order to get things back on track, me and Yeti took a spur of the moment trip up to a little secluded mountain spot and had a car sleepover with the seats folded down and sun (star) roof open. We got a chance to talk and laugh and reconnect without the distraction of technology and friends and work. We decided to make some big changes, scaling way back on our daily overdose of technology, and becoming more outgoing as a couple. It is so so easy to fall into comfortable day to day routines, and before you know it, become a lame dulled down  version of yourself. We've decided to change that. (It shouldn't affect my blogging too much, but who am I kidding, I have 5 followers :P)

 Also, I'm starting a book club! The members can meet either online, or in person, so just let me know if you're interested, my email is listed under the contact tab :)
Here is a sneak peak of some new paintings I'm working on!:

They're based off the game Runescape, where Yeti bought us both these beast fox masks. (If you ever doubted our nerdiness, you can stop now :P) I'll be posting some literary excerpts that I've been collecting soon, probably tomorrow or the day after. In the mean time, I hope your days and nights are lovely <3

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  1. OH babygirl!!!!!! Theese pictures turned out so good!!! You're So beautiful :D. Keep up the Impressively hard work :) <3