Arteries and Veins

Hello readers! I have to, again, apologize for my absence :(. Last week I came down with what I thought was a pretty wretched cold but ended up being strep throat. Then, on top of that, I got a spider bite on (of all the lovely places) my cheek! It was ridiculously painful and my cheek was swollen and super gnar looking. In any case, I'm almost all the way better and my poor cheek is on it's way to healing. I've been having some strange luck lately heh. So, I wanted to stop in and say hello :) I hope you had a lovely week. Despite being pretty beat physically, I managed to get the Yeti and the Vamp themed Matryoshka doll finished!! :D

Front and back :)
The first two are Yeti and the Vamp of course, the second two are Growlithe and Celebi (pokemon who I even referenced in my wedding vows :D) and a flower and bee. After just a few weeks of dating, Calvin started calling me his Mountain Flower, and I'd call him my honey bee so the two tiniest dolls were just a given!

Tehehe, yeti tushy! :D
I'm not actually totally sure about how we became Growlithe and Celebi, except that when I get excited I make a Celebi-ish noise. In any case, "You're the Growlithe to my Celebi." made it's way into my wedding vows, and subsequently, into this matroyoshka! I'm actually pleased as punch with how the whole thing turned out!
Lately I've been seeing some Etsy posts featuring hearts or other shapes cut out of antique maps and framed, and since our room is mapily (new word) themed, I thought I'd do my own cheapo version :)

I just used a huge paper map of Colorado, folded in half and cut like 1st grade :) I liked how it looked against the original cardboard back, so I just glued and wa-lah! Discount style. I love how the roadways and interstates kind of look like arteries or veins along the heart, and when it comes down to it, I think where we're from and where we're going is just as much a part of us as our veins. The portion that I cut out even has our home town on it! As well as a stop called, "Last Chance" *shudder* heh, I wonder how bad a place would have to be to get that name.

While we're on the subject of things creative, I thought I'd also post the picture I made Calvin last week:

Matryoshka Doll themed, of course! :))
I make Calvin pictures for no reason in particular, I just love him, buuuut our 5-Months-of-Being-Married-aversary is coming up this 14th! :)) Even though it was a little early, Calvin took me to Build-A-Bear to celebrate tonight! :D

Or "Build-a-Marital-Wolf" in this case
I know its pretty immature, but I had never been before and ever since I was a kid those adorable puppies and bears and other assorted animals with their big cute eyes were just calling to me! If you don't have a Build-a-Bear where you're from, its a wonderful place where you pick out, stuff, and dress up a little pet to adopt! Its actually all super cute, you even put a little silk heart inside and name it and everything :P I just love our wolves, too cute!

I'm pretty sure I got my sickness from ITZ : Family, Food, Fun! (and near death inducing child-borne germs.) We went last weekend to celebrate Calvins twin brother's 7th birthdays :)

They are just crazy adorable.

My sister-in-law and I made this cake for the occasion. If you can't tell, its a creepy crawly dirt and grass themed cake, and they loved it! It was actually pretty delicious, I guess watching every episode of cake boss was good for something! :D

I apologize for the huge gap between posts, then huge rambling posts when they do come! I'm still new at this, and if you have any blogging tips or comments in general, feel free to leave them here or email me from the link at my contact page. Have a great night everyone, and thank you again for reading! :)


  1. You got the best blog to ever exist :))) It's so good ^.^

    I love you tons honey, keep up the hard work and dedication! <3 :)

  2. Gawww, thanks Yeti ^_^ I'm so glad you like it. I love you tons!! I can do anything good :P tehe