Our Babies!

This was the surprise birthday present for my Yeti that I blogged about earlier :D

Pardon the blurry pictures- they're so hard to get to stay still!

Calvin has loved ferrets for yeeaarrs now and always told me so,
so last Wednesday, a day before his birthday, I surprised him with two! :P The top little guy is Ilo, and the bottom is Milo (or Little Bear) heh. Their names were from an adorable video game we played a while back about two little cube people who were best friends :) The surprise was largly in part of my Momma! Who drove the boys from the pet store to home while we were at work (even when Ilo chewed out of his box! haha.)

I've always thought ferrets were a little freaky with their weird long bodies, but after visiting a few pet stores and getting to play around with them, I realized they're super sweet and playful, even if they are stinky :P
Though we've only had them for a week now, they've already got a sharp little clawed hold on our hearts :)

Have a Beautiful Day!


  1. Ever year since we've been together, I've had the best birthdays of my life :) you're the sweetest most amazing best friend & lover, anyone could ever even begin to fathom having. I love you so so much, you're my world and your love makes me. Xoxoxo<3 <3

    Eternally yours,


  2. aah! how incredibly sweet and cute and all things adorable. little furry babies are the best. they don't sass back and they always want to cuddle:)

  3. So cute! What a sweet idea. XO, Rae


  4. When I lived alone, I had two ferrets named Julius and Louie. I miss those little scamps.

  5. Thanks everyone! :) They're a handful, but so adorable and SO worth it :))