Bento Boredom

Who ever said eating healthy wasn't fun? ;)
My little 'bento-esque' lunch includes, a hummus, baby green, turkey and cheese sandwich on whole grain wheat thins, cucumbers, celery and baby carrots for hummus dipping, and a huuugge childhood favorite- rhubarb! :D
It has been a slow, slow, mocassin slippers and funny veggie face kind of day at work today.
Anyone have a delorean I could borrow? -__-


  1. That little lunch looks delicious!!

  2. i like the idea of being able to purchase a mason jar - the nav links you have aren't really letting me do much, i can't click to your etsy.. but i'd love to see your shop!

  3. Jessica: Try viewing the page in IE- I know other browsers can mess up the navigation a little. I know it needs to be fixed- I'm just not sure how to at this time! D:

    I'm glad you're interested in purchasing a jar though! My etsy link is http://www.etsy.com/shop/MasonJarMemories?ref=pr_shop
    But I don't have anything listed yet- I wanted to gauge the interest in the treasure jars first :) They are pretty time consuming to put together, heh. I will notify you as soon as I get it up and running though! Have a lovely day!

  4. Jessica: New navigation is now up and working ma'am!