30 Day Drawing Challenge Day Three

Is it sad my favorite place is bed? Haha, probably.
But it was a tie between here and the bookstore, and since I have a view of
my big beautiful bookshelf from my bed, its like a combination of both :)
Plus, it's is where me and the Yeti spend the most time together. We slightly live off
this bed heh. It's slowly become our living room and dining room, as well as a place to cuddle and dream. It's served us well :)

I hope you have a beautiful day, readers.
And if not, I hope you have a nice bed and boy to come home to :)


  1. Teheheh :) I love when you post stuff like this. it makes me so happy :), I can't believe I got SO lucky :D <3 I love you now and forever Gracie <3

    Eternally yours,


  2. Wow, I think it's great that you've taken on a 30 Day Drawing Challenge. I'll have to check out your other stuff. :)

    (Bed is one of my favorite spots too.)


  3. I think that's everybody's favorite spot, haha.

    Have a day twice as beautiful as it has been thus far!