Asthma Attack

The inspiration for my all time favorite word came from a vignette I read a couple of years ago. I actually did a vlog about it on my old youtube channel, but since I can't exactly watch 30 youtube videos here at work to determine which it was, I'll just type it in.

This is one of the first pieces I remember reading that gave me that ache shiver in my bones. I want to be a writer SO badly, and reading things like this reinforce that desire so much it hurts a little.

ASTHMA ATTACK by Etgar Keret

When you have an asthma attack, you can’t breathe. When you can’t breathe, you can hardly talk. To make a sentence all you get is the air in your lungs. Which isn’t much. Three to six words, if that. You learn the value of words. You rummage through the jumble in your head. Choose the crucial ones—those cost you too. Let healthy people toss out whatever comes to mind, the way you throw out the garbage. When an asthmatic says “I love you,” and when an asthmatic says “I love you madly,” there’s a difference. The difference of a word. A word’s a lot. It could be stop, or inhaler. It could even be ambulance.



Ah! So good it's ridiculous D: Anyway, as a result, for years my favorite word has been:

This word is a reminder to me to live passionately. To pursue all things- madly.
It is one of my strongest beliefs that if what you are living for does not make your bones shiver and ache, then it's not worth your time.

One that note, readers, have a beautiful day.

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  1. I love the way you view life and how we should live it, and if we're not pursuing it madly, to don't even bother :D You are an amazing person Grace. I love you madly :)

    Eternally yours,