You Found Me

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I got a little bit of creative writing done this week that I wanted to share with you as well as some instagram pictures from this past lovely three day weekend :)

It was in the yellow glow dark that you found me.
The dark that keeps all but your eye whites shadowed. All but the brow crease side smirk was swallowed in the monster belly of dark, and you found me there.

Like a cat owner who finds his beloved feline in a dark alley long after dusk. That ferral moment where you're calling to it and it's looking at you like you've never met and it's wild cat ancestors are staring at you through those glowing yellows with all of their age and ferocity.

"I found you.",
you said.

And that yellow glow kept glowing and the eye whites shining and my brow creased and your mouth smirked in the beast belly shadow.

The exact moment that I realized we'd make it is when you saw the console and dash and cup holders of my car covered in grey sticky chewed bubble gum. Sickly sweet and red cheeked. You said it didn't bother you and you chuckled and got in with your lanky legs in your too tight jeans and whipped your beautiful hair fringe
and I honestly didn't stand a chance.

Sure, I hate that you listen to Notorious B.I.G on loud while I'm sleeping, and maybe sometimes your stories make no sense to me, but you told me to give you a chance too see how much you could love me, and it's been sticky sweet ever since.


Soon, we'll need glasses. Our teeth with rot and break and decompose. Our skin will melt off of our very bones and our shiny clean youth will be all but unrecognizable.
So I'll write down our memories on square sheets of paper and fold them into cranes and boats, and sail them away. I'll pray they'll come back to us when we need them,
and that the hard ones find a rough patch of sea or breeze and sail away entirely.


I hope you have a beautiful day readers,
worthy of  remembering.


  1. I absolutely love you're writing :). It's so gooood!!!! ^.^ The giveaway winner is going to be soo lucky :P.

    Best wife ever <3 :)

    Eternally bound to you,

  2. I love your blog. I just found it and it's adorable. XO, Rae


  3. Great writing once again. The second one is my favorite of the three. So cute!

    Have a day worth never forgetting!

  4. Grace, you are just a doll! I love it here and I'll be back for sure.
    Toni xo