Treasure Jar Giveaway!

Well my lovely readers, the time has finally come! You can now officially enter to win this
Treasure Jar:

"Do you remember as a kid that shoebox, or jar, or windowsill that you
lined up your most prized possessions?
Your figurines and dirty river stones and lucky items of the marble, penny, and rock variety?
This is a way to get that back.
This Treasure Jar has been lovingly collected and created,
wished into and compiled with the greatest care.
It holds envelopes of secret notes, glass vials, river stones and your sisters earrings
(you borrowed a few weeks ago but forgot to give back.)
The tickets you won from the carnival last summer.
The letter from your best friend.

I wanted to create something that let you know how wonderful and treasured
you are, and we are.
I wanted you to remember what we knew as kids,
but have forgotten as adults."

To Enter:
Leave a comment below telling me your favorite childhood item 
as well as your email adress. :)

To get extra votes: 
Follow Mason Jar Memories then spread the word about this giveaway through your own blog or facebook page and leave proof in a seperate comment.
Entries close 11:59pm Tuesday the 6th of September (Mountain time)
A winner will be announced next Wednesday the 7th! 

Also, in these pictures I am wearing my new/old dress just purchased from Vintch. I completely love it. She was such a sweet seller, and has an amazing heartfelt blog as well!
I styled it to look a little like the blue dress Skeeter wears in the movie The Help, haha.
And yes, I was rocking the jedi braid ^__^
Have a beautiful day.


  1. This thing is so freaking sweet :D i'd enter myself :D But I already know everything in it and...well I live with you haha ;). Hope someone worthy wins this, cause it is ballin lol. Goodluck everybody! and babe...I love you dearly gorgeous :D


    Eternally yours, Yeti.

  2. Aww, I'll make you your very own surprise Treasure Jar, haha. I love you dearly my wonderful husband! ^__^

    Eternally yours,

  3. oh my gracious. you have just made my day! that dress looks awesome on you! the best part of my shop has been seeing how people just transform a dress to fit their style and suddenly it looks like it was just made for them. this dress, my dear, was MADE for you! xo

    and this is the greatest idea for a giveaway ever.i've got two tupperware memory boxes where i've stored all my goodies since childhood. now that i'm grown, i need a jar like this to continue the keepsakes! fingers crossed!

  4. Such a great idea for a giveaway! How exciting!
    I'd have to say that my favorite childhood item was a stuffed animal that looked like Tweety Bird from "Loony Toons". :)

  5. My most treasured Childhood item was a little green and white stuffed dog, my dad bought him in the hospital while my mom was in labor, I named him pup. He is no longer with us sadly I still have his little plastic eye to remind me of all the adventures, escapes and heartbreaks we endured together. My mom threatened to throw him away in high shool because he was so rag like and not well made towards the end he truly denigrated. Some of my favorite moments were with him tho including making a huge pile of leaves in the front yard ditch at my childhood home and holding his paw tight as we jumped in. Thanks for bringing me back to that moment!!! Sarah.Kariotis@gmail.com

  6. Congratulations on your first giveaway! My favorite thing from childhood would have to be my precious moments rag doll. I remember she wore a blue floral print dress with a white apron and black mary janes. She was pretty tattered and dirty and ended up having a broken shoe from going through the washing machine one too many times but I loved her.

  7. Your dress is beautiful as always! And it's funny you should have a Padawan braid... (The story of my childhood toy / item is a complex one, therefore quite long. So forgive the length)

    I'm a huge Star Wars fan, but when I was a kid I was a HUGER Star Wars fan. My favorite childhood item was a piece off of a Star Wars Darth Maul lightsaber toy I got when I was 9-years-old (yes, I had the frigging DUAL saber, along with Obi-Wan, Luke and Vader's sabers previously but I digress). To be exact, it was the upper piece of one of the blades. You see, the blades were three pieces, and the middle and top pieces could be removed (I believe the lowest piece at the base was glued to the hilt).

    Why, you ask, would I cherish specifically the top piece of a lightsaber blade toy, and only the Darth Maul ones? Well, as a kid I developed a tendency to "sling" things (not throw, mind you). As in, there were certain toys that I could sling back and forth in my hand, similar to how you see people bounce a pencil back and forth between two fingers. I used to say "Slinging things makes me think"; I would think of story ideas and such when I had a physical object in my hand to sling back and forth. It was euphoric. I've always been a writer since I could put a pen to paper, but slinging objects such as a rag doll (which ripped) or an Alien chest burster toy (which broke) seemed to make me come up with better ideas, and much more of them. The objects had to be the right weight, size and consistency though, and for whatever reason I found that lightsaber piece (which was resilient) as the perfect one. I would sometimes imagine things with it, like holding the hilt of a sword or the stick shift of a car, but mostly it was just the repetition of the slinging back and forth that made me "think".

    I hated not having it. If I was ever without it I felt as though my brain was sluggish, slow. It was fun and quite addictive. In fact, it was the addiction to it that made me throw it away. I began to realize that I spent more time slinging that thing around than writing down the ideas I would come up with while using it. I also felt embarrassed by it. How would I explain to an outsider why I was slinging around this red, plastic, phallic object? (My brother would often point the latter out to me... lol) And to still be doing so at the age I finally threw it away made it all the more embarrassing (I was 16 or 17). It took a while to get over the loss of it, but eventually I started writing my ideas down as they came to me MUCH more, and that took its place for good. As for the second piece (remember, it was a dual saber), I either threw that away as well or misplaced it, I can't really remember.

    Even though I find the lightsaber piece a embarrassing and regretful object of my childhood, since I slung instead of wrote down some good ideas, I truly cherished it and for a good 8 years it was my most prized possession.


    Have a beautiful day yourself, my young padawan! :P Second time in a week you've gotten an odd tidbit about me. haha

  8. Oh how sweet! What a great giveaway!
    My favorite childhood memory…..that is tough. There are a lot, but I would say playing in the backyard, pretending to cook with leaves, grass and dirt for my little brother.

    Violet Short

  9. Posted the blog on Twitter, which auto-posts on my Facebook.



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  12. The entries have been wonderful so far!
    Thank you all for your support! Good luck!

  13. Hii Grace! (I haven't been on much lately, I've been more on Tumblr and Pinterest. ha.)

    My favorite childhood item was this "Big Ty" beanie baby Dog. It was the 'big' of the little one called "Fetch". My parents were divorced when I was really young, and I was an only child with my dad and just one of five with my mom. My dad showed his love by buying me little toys here and there. He was like my best friend. I hated leaving him when he'd drop me off after a weekend's stay.

    And when I was about 8years old, we went golfing some weekend, as usual. And at the clubhouse they had beanie babies for whatever reason? And I begged and begged my dad for the little Lab Puppy. And he got it for me. I named it "puppy" and I still have it to this day. It is loved nearly to death. Has some chocolate stains and has soaked up more tears than an entire box of tissues. I couldn't sleep without it at my moms because I felt like I was without my dad then. (I'm crying... haha.)

    One day when I was about 13 years old, I found the same dog. At a local goodwill. With the tags all still attached and good as new! I begged my mom to buy it for me, and she did. I now have two of them... and if the story of the puppy ever comes up, I take both of them out. And anyone can visually see how much I loved on it compared the the brand new one.

    I'll always have that puppy. (Crying, again. hahah. I'm a sap.)

    &My email is LittleMissKara@live.com

    Good Luck! You've had a nice turn out for this! :D

  14. o how lovely! My favorite childhood item would have to be my baby blanket that I carted around from ages 0 to 5. At 5 I tragically lost it and had to replace it with a stuffed rabbit and her blanket. Oooo the memories....


  15. Hi! :)

    Well, out of all my favourite toys as a child, (and between my drawing supplies) I would have to say that my favourite childhood toy was a little puppy-dog toy that i won at a birthday party. His name is Fetch. Some of my fondest memories of his is actually washing him in the sink as a 10 year old (?). I still have him and he is still in pretty good condition, except in his old age he lost his beautiful black eyes. :(

    oh! he also had a passport :)


    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! reading one of the comments above, Little Miss Karalin, this toy is the LITTLE one of what you have! My little puppy fetch i believe is that little golden Lab. Woah. thats cool. :)

    Those puppies are the best!

  16. Just stumbled across this blog, and it is such a pretty idea! Made loads of memories come flooding back.
    My favourite thing(s) on my windowsill were these rubbers ( I think you call them erasers in America?) that were shaped like two cats playing with each other, in blue and neon pink! No idea where I got them. I also had a Peter rabbit wind up musical thing that I still have, it's probably the oldest thing I own.