Blog Re-design!

There is currently a huge overhaul of the 'ol blog layout happening right now, so bear with me :)

Grace Elizabeth.

Edit: The redesign is all finished! :D What does everyone think, better than the last layout?
I for one am stokkeed! Our little blog is moving on up, I even have a splendiforous Giveaway planned for very soon! Stay tuned, great things are ahead!


  1. Amazingly Impressive work Grace, my darling. You work so hard for your blog, it's inspiring :). You did such a freaking terrific job! :) I'm so proud ^.^

    Eternally yours,

    Yeti :) xoxoxo <3

  2. Love it! I wish i knew how to make my blog look pretty. hahah. I'll get there someday. :)

  3. Awww, Yeti, you're too sweet! ^____^
    It makes me heart all poundy to hear you say I make you proud, tehe. I LOVE you!

    Fiercely and forever,

  4. Miss Karalin:

    I'm so glad! I think your blog is super sweet and rustic looking- I love it!:) If you ever needed some minor help or advice with the design though feel free to ask :) I'm 5 classes away from being a degree- holdin Graphic Designer heh :P

    Also, keep your eye out for this Giveaway I'll be doing soon. I am super excited, and I'm sure you'll love it too! :D

  5. Oh too fun!! I tried, as you might see.. ha. I found most stuff on 'free blog stuff' websites. So I can't claim it as my own, I tried using it directly from their sites, and it just glitched my blog, it was a mess! But I used to be pretty amazing at myspace layout HTML, but now they've got stuff rigged to glitch if you tweek anything! :( Even if you keep the credit of them on it!

    Anyways, you need a promotion clicky link. :) I'll put you on my page, we aren't famous yet, so no need to charge. plus I only have 4 followers! Ha. But I love your blog. I showed it to my fiance last night. And I was like "SHE HAS A COOL NAME. I want a COOL NAME!" I don't even go by "karalin"! I go by Kara... Little Miss Kara was taken though. :(

    I'm writing way too much for a comment. But I'm known for writing novels to people like this. So, I'm sorry! I love your blog though. I get excited everytime I log onto blogspot hoping you have something new! >.< I feel like such a dork!

  6. I always love change; never like things to stay the same for too long. So this overhaul has a warm welcome from me.

    Have a exquisite day, my friend. :)

  7. Looks great. I love your blog!

  8. Miss KARA: Hehe, well I honestly think its super cute and looks great. :)

    I'm so glad you like the name! Haha. I have been feeling like it's a little outdated lately, so that cheers me up haha. I'll need to make on of those promo things! I would totally put you on my page too :) You're so darn sweet and I love you blog!

    Sorry I don't update very often! I try my hardest to get new thngs up but it's so hard to get everything else done too! haha. I can't wait until I can be a stay at home blogger lol. I would post like twice a day!

  9. Danielle, Casey, Sabrena: Thanks you so much! I put a ton of time and effort into these things so I am SO glad everyone likes it ^___^

  10. Oh I feel you on that one! My current job makes me want to put the pedal down on my business ventures. I just lack motivation. :/

    Someday our at home bloggin' fun will be reality.