Oh Instagram,

I do enjoy you.

If you have an Instagram account and feel like seeing what I ate for dinner, breakfast, rides in the car, my toenails, stuffed animals posed like humans, etc. everyday, feel free to follow :P
My user name is yetiandthevamp.
Yay! :D


  1. You are such a pretty girl! I think I am the only person in the world without Instagram, but feel free to post your lovely photos here if you want! ;)

  2. Hiya, I thought I'd break my stalking habbits (web-ually of course, it means I've been reading for a while) to say I've added you on instagram!
    Do we call it 'adding'? 'following'? it all means consentual stalking anyway right?

  3. Well, thank you all :D How sweet!

    Thanks for the follow Abby!