But really Friday, Sorry! DX
So sorry this feature is a day late!
Help me become a stay at home blogger and I will stop sucking at posting on time :D

Cause as it turns out, I may need some :(

My favorite colors! Which is your favorite? And don't you just LOVE
the geeky multiplication, division, and equals signs! Ahh, I die :D
2. This crazyadorable Fair and Lemon Square Dress from Modcloth

Spimow! I want this so frankin' bad!

3. This sweet print by another one of my favorite artists, the lovely and talented (and beautifully inked) Ambird.

4. This adorable note that breaks my heart and fills it up at the same time.

Gawww, reminds me so much of young Calvin ^___^

5. This amazing Rosie/ Leia Artwork

 The coolest, nerdiest combination of my interests ever!
We've been planning today for our little spur of the moment trip this weekend!
Just to a close little town to stay in a cabin by a creek, it looks darn lovely. I can't wait :)) I hope your weekend is as wonderful, readers. You genuinely are on my thoughts all the time! I wish I could meet you all and have tea and braid your hair, haha.

Whether it is in your outlook on life, your observations, your intellect or surroundings,
have a beautiful day today, readers. You deserve it.


  1. Glasses are awesome, but I'm biased, since I wear them. lol Hmm... I think I like the Blackout's best. Really cool how they've got the multiplication and division signs.

    I've seen a dress like that before, in a movie I believe but I can't place exactly what it was... But indeed, you'd look great in it!

    Ah, thank you for introducing me to yet another splendid artist. She has talent, and is quite beautiful as well.

    That note warms my soul too. I'm sure we have all felt that way about someone at one time or another in our lives. :)

    That Star Wars piece reminds me of some minimalist posters done by Justin Van Genderen.


    Have a great weekened, you deserve the beautifulest. :)

  2. I've always thought glasses were pretty awesome too, hehe. I've never actually worn them before though. I'm on the computer too much these days, it's wearing my eyes out :/

    Thank you! I wish I could get it heh! I own way too many clothes already though *sigh*

    My pleasure :) I'm so glad you like her too! She is a beaut!

    Ah! Those posters are amazing, haha. I want them all!

    Thank you very much sir :) I had a great weekend, how was yours?

  3. I want them all too. If I were rich, I'd get all of them in the largest size possible (31.1" x 48.0") on floating frame canvas. Too bad that would be over $5k. :((((((( Hahaha.

    My weekend was... Well, same old. It consisted, as it usually consists, of me just sitting around at home, being creative but usually ending the day feeling as if I wasted it. But it wasn't bad, just dull and nothing of note. I love hearing about other people's days and such; gives me some creative inspiration. Have a Tuesday twice as beautiful as it is so far!