Instagram Update!

Boy, has it been busy around here! We had a huge group of people over for the weekend for Warped Tour, and had a total darn blast! I'm relieved things are slowing down again though for sure :) 

Thursday and Friday we spent getting everything tidy and ready, then had everyone over Friday and Saturday. And, while I'm not a real social person when it comes down to it, I do enjoy being around people and hearing all of their different stories, and I really enjoy being the hostess heh. It made me feel great that everyone had a good, fun time, and we finally got to break in our downstairs! For whatever reason, we've never really used it much before. It was perfect for having this many people over though, seeing how I hoard chairs and there was a place for everyone to sit :P

In the myriad of Instgram pictures above, you will see lots Yeti and I snugglin, some even in the grass under stars :) A big 'ol breakfast we made together for everyone to wake up to, my new little old typewriter, Of Mice and Men place at Warped, my face, my face reading, my face smiling like a doof, and my new awesome bird two-finger ring.
It has been goood :D

I hope everything in your world has been sunny and peaceful
and I hope you have a beautiful day.