Floral Florida :)

We're back from our little 'camping' esque trip :) It was so darn nice to get away from everything, even just for a little while. Some pretty pictures from that will be up soon!

It's always so hard for me to go back to regular life after vacations, heh. We're STILL missing Florida pretty sorely. One of the things that I miss the most that you just don't see here is all of the beautiful and strange and sometimes adorable wildlife!

Those lizards just killed me! Too cute! I wanted to collect all 7 million of them and bring them home :)

That little guy was flapping his weird neck deal in order to keep us away probably, but it was adorable! hahah, I think I'm a reptile person as it turns out :P

Some fish and ducks got the idea that we were going to feed them while we were watching them by the dock, then out of the blue up popped two creepy necked turtles! I love turtles usually but these things had some seriously long scary necks, weird pointy noses and yellow eyes! Ick. Maybe I'm not a reptile person after all haha.

We're so used to seeing deer and ground squirrels and the occasional fox out here, but never all these crazy reptiles and beautiful flowers and plants growing wildly. It was awesome :)
Oh Florida *sigh* we'll come back for you someday.

Have a beautiful Monday, readers.

P.S. I've been working on the giveaway a little, and should have a sneak peak coming soon! 
It is for seriously rad :D


  1. I'm a reptile person as well. I love them all. And birds as well. We have one of these lizards living out near some trees in the front of our house (Five-Lined skink):


    That dress is absolutely beautiful, yet again! Brings out your owl tattoo.

    Those are Florida Softshell Turtles. Ugly, indeed. :P

    Always hard to re-adjust after you find somewhere you're somewhat happier with. Have a beautiful Tuesday, my nerdy friend.

  2. Whoa, that is a very snakey looking lizard! D: Birds are pretty awesome too. My parakeet has gone super crazy though, unfortunately :(

    Haha, thank you sir. It's a romper actually :P

    Well thank you for the identification, hehe. They were super weird and gross but still cool to see pop out of nowhere.

    Yeah, I'm itchin' for a move soon I think.
    Thank you :) and you too sir.