Something Teeny About Me

I'm starting a new mini series called,

Where I do a little post telling you guys something about me. Just a small, little anecdote paired with maybe an illustration or photo :)

In Highschool, I had to have a torturous 'palette expander' attached to the roof of my mouth, like a metal spider. It made eating food like a human impossible, the prospect of "making out" even more terrifying, and super difficult to pronounce
a lot of things, especially my name.
I still get self-conscious when introducing myself.


  1. I saw some of your old photos on deviantart with what appeared to be braces. I suppose that was it, or rather something linking to your braces. I love it when I talk to girls who have braces because they light up when anyone would take the time to talk to them, haha. If only you started blogging when you had those. I'd pay money to hear you say "Grath Ah-with-ah-bath." :D Yeah, I'd be ass; I'd be like "That's so cute! In your next vlog, say 'orange juice'!"

    A teeny bit about me: I have two baby teeth (my Maxillary lateral incisors) that never fell out, but were simply pushed out of the way by my growing permanents, similar to a shark's rows of teeth. The baby teeth have been decayed away over time and have been mostly overlapped by gums, but they still show a bit. So what you see is two black dots in my gums when I smile, which is why I try never to smile in public. My mom always said it was "Indian teeth", since we're part Cherokee and they're apparently known to have the same problem.

    Ah well, enough about my gross teeth. lol Hope you have a illuminate Thusday, my nerdy friend!

  2. Well that sucks, sir! I am a firm believer that any smile is a great one :)

    Also, forced speech impediments: not cute. Hahaha.

    I am part Cherokee too btw! :D