Lazy bloggin' :P

Oh sleeping in late, giggly sleepy kisses, yard sale shopping, teeny tiny adorable cabin renting, strolling through the city, shopping for rocks and minerals and soaps and jewelry, sweet little libraries, trees with scarves knitted all around them to keep them warm, matching hello kitty bandaids, swimming in freezing cold water, adorable floral bedspread, penny arcade, demonic monkey, plaid and leather camping outfit, sunny kisses and cuddelin, we miss you already :)

Keep our teeny one room cabin warm for us Manitou, see you soon <3


  1. I loved our cabin trip so much :) you;re the best, most amazing, intellectual, funny, sexy blogger ever :D! Keep up the great work ^.^ xoxoxox.

    Eternally yours,

  2. I'm jealous of your adventures! :(

    Here I sit with a Marie Calendars Turkey and Stuffin' microwave meal whilst my boy is at work. Hahah.

  3. So cute! As always, that demonic monkey must be mine. I must collect all that is unholy and terrifying. Keeps the crazy people out. Most of them anyway. Hehehe.

    What happened to your fingers? Try your hand at knitting something for the trees too?

    I love leather on ladies, so cool!

    I heard about a rather large earthquake in Colorado, hope nothing got broken. Apparently, we just felt a small shock from a 5.9 quake in VA. First one I've experienced; felt like my ass turned into jelly in my chair. Hahaha.

    Have a Tuesday three times more beautiful than it has been so far.

  4. That sounds like a wonderful adventure! ;) Glad you had fun!

  5. Yeti: Awww, thank you ^__^ I'm so glad you think so <3

    Malloon (haha)

  6. Kara: We're much more boring than this blog makes us out to be, haha. A little trip like this was easy to manage though! That little cabin was both adorable and super affordable :)

  7. Casey: You'll have to steal the demonic monkey from the arcade then, haha. If you put ten cents in, and cranked the handle, it would stare at you with these huge wild eyes and bang its little symbols lol. It was terrible.

    I wish I knew how to knit! Alas, they were unrelated little cuts. I just wanted an excuse to use my new H.K. bandaids lol.

    We didn't feel the quake we're I'm at. Kinda sucks though, butt jellying sounds like fun lol.

    A lovely Wednesday to you, sir.

  8. Katie and Jessica:

    Thanks ladies! It was a blast :))