Fickle Follicles

The other day, I attempted to dye my hair a lovely shade of red to match the changing leaves and maybe a million other bloggers hair heh but this is what happened instead:

Red roots, black everything else.
*le sigh*
Oh well, thats what I get for being a copy-cat I guess :P

Have a beautiful day.


  1. W/E you had red hair a long long time ago, and you've wanted it since before you started blogging :) You are not a copy cat. They are ;) lol. Don't worry babe, we'll get it this time :D lol

  2. I'm so totally late to comment on this...

    BUT, I did the same thing! However, my poison was 'Rock and Roll Red' from manic panic. Talk about some hot roots! (The rest of my locks are black as well) I've been keeping up with the red as my hair grows out though, and the feedback has been nothing but positive! It's reverse ombre, ombre being where girls have normal colored hair, and the tips are an outrageous teal or purple.

    We are just trend setters!

    This was a long comment...but I love your blog! Stay precious, you adorable vampress, you!

  3. Danielle: How funny that we both did the same thing! Haha- that's totally what I was telling Calvin, that i'm just setting a new trend haha. Go us! :P
    How sweet are you?!
    Thank you so much ma'am ^___^