For this post, I'm joining the sweet and hilarious Pamplemousse  and To Make Love Stay in their "What I Honestly Wore Wednesday" feature.

I thought it would be a nice chance to get a little real with ya'll :)

It's all well and good to see someone's outfit after they spent 2 hours getting ready to go to a special event, but it's another thing entirely to see what they wore to work after waking up 20 minutes late haha. I want you guys to feel like you know me, the real me. I want to be friends :) So here goes:

What I (Honestly) Wore Wednesday: 

This may not look too horrendous, paired with the wicked adorable scarf my Momma loomed for me :D (she's amazing- she's made me one in every color within like 3 weeks!) but trust me- the shoes are completely falling apart, hair went unwashed- cardigan roughly 6 years old :P

And oooooh, check out my super fashionable work lab coat. Irresistible- I know :P

I did, however put a little bit of time into my slightly grody hair using this tutorial 

from the always amazing Elsie Larson- honestly, is there a more innovative, hardworking, creative lady out there? Color me jealous!

I hope you enjoyed this little look into my real life haha, more to come the upcoming Wednesday's I'm sure, and be sure to check out the past WIHM posts from Pamplemousse and To Make Love Stay - they're fantastic! :)

All the best my lovely readers!
Grace Elizabeth.

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