Well, it happened- our first snow here in Colorado! 
We woke up Saturday morning to a winter white world! I was so excited :D We spent the rest of that day inside- reading books and sipping chai tea and staying cozy warm. Of course, with it being Colorado, the sun came out later that afternoon and melted it all away before I could take outfit pictures in it! 
Today the snow was all gone, but it was definitely still chilly and crisp outside.

As a result of the new layout- these pictures have to be a little small.
Just click it to see the full image! :)
I got a chance to break out my new Modcloth dress and my favorite punky looking high laced boots from Target :D I freaking love these things. I also added a little silver bee pin to my belt as a homage to Summer- see you next year :) 

I was surprised to see these gorgeous flowers still a 'bloomin despite the cold! What a lovely juxtaposition :)
And of course, no movie date day would be complete without some smooching under the tree leaves :P

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf's a flower."
- Albert Camus

We had such a nice day! I even feel almost prepared for another whole long work week. Almost :( *sigh*

Calvin also wanted me to included these two slightly ridiculous pictures haha:

In the right picture, I was talking to some hipster girl that was laughing at us cause we were taking pictures apparently? And the left I was tryin not to giggle when Yeti sat in a thorny rose bush and was freaking out a little :P Tehe. I hope you too had a weekend full of kishes and warmth and crisp fall/winter air. If not, I hope it's on it's way, cause there's nothing greater <3

All the best,


  1. I love this so so so much :D I love seeing all these gorgeous picture's of you :) I'm saving them all now! lol. You're so damn beautiful and so wonderful with words :) I could read anything you have to say forever<3.

    Eternally yours,


  2. cute, cute <3 I have those same boots I love love love them!

  3. Woah! The first photo of you on the left side is my absolute FAVORITE photo of you! I love everything about it, the color, the pose, the place, and especially the outfit. That jacket is the best and the boots and leggings fit perfectly with it.

    I love Albert Camus. In addition to his beautiful prose, I live by his absurdist philosophy.

    That's the way to deal with a hipster who's being a butt, with laughter. :) And Calvin wanted you to include those last two photos because he knows that laughter is the greatest beauty.

    Have a radiant autumn! :D

  4. Yeti: Aww, thank you honey! I lovvee you! Thanks for taking the pictures hehe <3

  5. Britt: Thanks ma'am! How funny, I love them too!

  6. Casey: Thank you siiirr! :)) How nice hehe.

  7. You have absolutely gorgeous eyes! So pretty :)

    a cup of subtle tea

  8. Aww, thanks lady :D What a lovely blog you have!