Adventures of Milo and Ilona

The weather yesterday was totally gorgeous here, so we took the opportunity
to let the ferrets get some fresh air!

We got these adorable referee vests and leashes for them, and while the ferrets were not huge fans of the vests or leashes themselves, they did really enjoy getting to run around in the grass and get some sun, and we enjoyed not losing them to the wild ;)

They even got super cuddly for a while! :D It was freaking adorable.

But it didn't last for long :P They sure are rambunctious at times, but so much fun!

Ferrets are like all of the adorable of a gerbil, mixed with the agility of a cat and playfulness of a puppy- so perfect! Thank you Yeti for convincing me I'd love them! :D

Off to adventure! :P

Have a beautiful day, readers.
And go buy a ferret! Heh.

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.


  1. Haha these picture's are freaking adorable as heck :D You're such a good Mama Gracie ^.^ lol. Milo looks so comfy in your arms :D

    Eternally and always 100% yours,

    Yeti xoxo.

  2. My favorite picture is the last one, with the back of Milo's fuzzy head. haha

    Have a beautiful day!

  3. OMG I love ferrets!! I love his little shirt. Adorable!