and free, you've got no place to be."
Matt and Kim- Spare Change

While Calvin was away at his Kempo class yesterday, I got a chance to write and draw, sip iced coffee and listen to Matt and Kim on headphones while people-watching up a storm, heh.
It was nice. No laying in Yeti's arms in a comfy bed watching Netflix nice, but nice all the same.
Some time alone can be good. Or so they say, right? Oh codependence, you cruel mistress. :P

But eventually we were together again and
this little furry friend of ours wanted to say hello. :)

And I hope you have a good day,
because the truth is, you are unthinkably beautiful.

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.


  1. Your hair looks really nice in the upper left corner. You can really see the red in it good :).

    Trying... To... Read... What's... On... Notebook... Bah, no use! Post it sometime!

    Indeed, alone time is great, but sharing a moment is even better. It seems Ilo knows that too, haha.

    Wishing ya'll the best of the best!

  2. Seriously, where do you live, because I want to come play with your ferrets :)

  3. Hahah Bethany: I live in Colorado :D come visit anytime heh

  4. Casey: Thank you sir! :D I tried to dye it again but it only made my roots fire red and black everywhere else :P Oh well!

    Blah, my writing has been total crap lately- I promise the second I write anything decent I'll post it! :)

    I wish you the best as well!

  5. I'm in Indiana. You're about 1000 miles away :/

  6. Shoooot :( Well, let me know if you're ever out this way! heh