Thirty Day Drawing Challenge Revisited!

Well ladies and gents, I am finally picking up where I left off on the "Thirty Day Drawing Challenge" 
that I started forever ago. 

I'm officially onnnn day 8 haha. It took me a while to think of my favorite animated character (considering Odosketch doesn't have the color purple so I wouldn't be able to do Princess Bubblegum) when it came to me- Marcel the Shell! After all, stop motion counts as animation :) Plus me, my mom and Calvin have been quoting this freaking adorable short for like a week straight now. If you haven't seen the short I'm talking about, watch it now! 

Seriously WATCH. IT. :D
It's kind of heartbreaking and hilarious and wicked adorable. Soooo, without further adieu, here is my rendition of the ever confident Mr. Marcel:

AH! I love that little guy :))

Who is your favorite animated character?

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.

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