A Hard Day's Night

Sorry I haven't had much to say lately, friends. It's been due to two seperate but related things: feeling physically cruddy from the bebe situation, and not being able to drink coffee because of the bebe situation. :(
I feel like maybe 90% of this blog was written by a caffeinated Grace. Without her, I just lack the inspiration and end up writing really dull rambley posts like this one. Oh bother.
And now I'm quoting Winne the Pooh. This has gone downhill.

Okay, let me try to revive this. Here's a cute picture I drew of Yeti and the Vamp as bebes:

Also, my 21st birthday is in a few days and I'm pretty excited. (mostly because I know what my present is and I waannnt itt.) Plus its a nice chance to hang out with the fam, and eat good foods and stuff. Going kind of low key this year. It's so crazy to think that by this time next year we'll have a little person to take care of. So scary and exciting!

I don't want to complain and make it seem like I'm not grateful for the amazing gift we've been given, so I'll try to keep the gripeing to a minimum. I've just never dealt with being sick very well before XD Guess It's time to get tough, folks.

How has your week been?

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth
(and our little kumquat!)

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