Top 5 fashion Rules

I read an article on Thought Catalog the other day, called the 5 Fashion Rules You'll Ever Need to Know. While I thought some of them were accurate, most weren't super applicable to me, and it got me thinking about what I would consider my top 5 fashion rules!
So here goes:

Number 1: Fit Over Fashion
A flattering fit always reins supreme over a fashionable item. I went into a Target the other day and tried on maybe 5 pairs of the same bright teal skinny jeans in various sizes. Each one of them fit wrong in some area and just generally whaled me out. So guess what? Even though colored jeans are the 'trend' and I reallyreallyreally wanted them, I put them back! The most fashionable trend in the world will still look horrendous on you if the fit is wrong. This is a big one for me, because for yeeaarrs I would ignore this rule and feel uncomfortable and waste tons of money on things I would only wear once.

Number 2: Trend Within Reason
This is along the same lines. Trends are fun. Trust me, I've been through my fair share of them. Some of them stick, like fitted jeans, polka dots, flats. I chose to follow these because I feel they are flattering on my body type, not just to fit in! But the highwaisted denim shorts, crop tops, and religiously satirical jewelry trends are just not for me and that's okay :) Find what you like the best and carve out your own style instead of being pulled every which way by the current trends and pinterest boards! 

Number 3: Recycle and Restyle
This is probably the rule I follow the very least. I love getting new things and amping up my wardrobe when it's financially viable, but something I've noticed a lot of bloggers do that I really admire is to recycle and restyle staple pieces to get new, interesting, and affordable outfits! By just putting in a little bit more effort and creativity, you can save some cash, and still feel fresh and great every day. A fantastic post on this is this one by Delightfully Tacky. She's just the best at layering, pattern mixing, and wardrobe remixing! (Plus she's beautiful, sweet, and hers was very first blog I ever began following!)

Number 4: Know thyself.
The biggest rule I follow on a day to day basis, is just to be myself. I know what I like, what looks good on my body type, and what image I want to portray when I get dressed in the morning. Knowing who you are and what you want to exude is a pretty huge part of your personal style and one that I think gets overlooked too often. If that hi-low dress in navajo print is just not you, then guess what? You don't have to wear it. You don't have to try to make it work with your style if it just doesn't fit! I'm all about expanding and trying new things, but if you try them and just get a wonky vibe about it, or feel you aren't being true to yourself when you're wearing it, then do yourself and your personal identity a favor and put it back on the rack!

Personally, I like clothing with a little edge, a little weird, and a little retro. Combine those and I'm in heaven. Sweet dresses, leather jackets, bright clogs, statement jewelry. I'm not a huge fan of clothing that's too clingy, too bright, or too trendy.

But at the end of the day, clothing ain't no thang, it's the smile and heart behind it that matters and that's the most important 'rule' to remember. We're people, beautiful people, and all deserve equal respect no matter our appearance.

Have a beautiful day.
All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.

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