Bumps and Bruises

 I'm posting this entry entirely while making this face: ^_^.
Today has been a darn great day. Every day I get up, I get more and more excited for this little baby to come and see it's big (presumably blue) eyes staring up at us and holding my finger in its tiny little fist. All of that being said, I am mad freaking terrified. But that's fine.
Every great thing that has ever happened to me has come at a price.
And oh boy baby, will you be great. Also every day that I get up, my little baby bump gets a tiny fractional amount bigger.

 Which I find, stupid exciting. Stupid exciting is that moment when you see your favorite writer in the Gap and, trying to express your devotion without sounding like a fan girl, you fumble for words and blurt out something like, "I love your books, that one about the dead girl's cousin was so- so graunt." (Which of course to you meant combination great and good but to everyone else sounds like a crotch itch medication.) And, not unlike crotch itch medication, our baby is quickly becoming a comfort, a soothing smooth place to visit amidst the chaos of work and school and watching every episode of cake boss on Netflix. I already feel my heart growing every day a little, fractional, baby-bump amount.

Also, yesterday our neighbor was giving away a killer bamboo papasan chair for free, so we picked it up and bought a new cushion for it at The World Market. If my love for the WM could be expressed through 80's movie references, it would be my baby in the corner, my polka dotted- all pink prom dress, my time-traveling DeLorean. The cushion we ended up buying was a prefect sage green color to match what we hope to paint the baby's room, and super soft for late night rockings. Yes, this papasan can rock. Unfortunately the cushion is a little too big for the chair, so it ends up looking like a large mass of lardy seaweed. Honestly though, it's like sitting inside of your mom's hug from grade school, after Sam M. sat on and crushed the science project you and your dad spend all last night building. It is goooood.

(See above: lardy green adoration.)

Today has also been crazy great because, while casually chatting to my dad about how much everything for the "baby chill lounge", (I refuse to use the word nursery, it reminds me of faded lace and stone faced porcelain dolls on high shelves.) he dropped a huge, generous amount of cash to help us pay for everything. Literally, everything we needed. I was in such shock I don't think I even expressed my gratitude enough, so hopefully you're reading this Dad. You're the best Dad in every way. I can only hope me and the Yeti can be as great a strong, loyal, ever-guiding moral compass to our kid(s). On the scale of great dads you're up there with the dad of the creator of Spanx and that sham-wow guy. We used some of the money today to buy a crib mattress and those ugly safety padding edge guard things to keep our baby's tiny grapefruit head from bruising too bad when it inevitably falls.

While we were at the big WM, we also picked up this freaking adorable toy.

(See above: tiniest watermelon in existance.)

 It's a little tray of (vastly disproportional) foods, along with a play knife and cutting board. Each hand painted, wooden piece is precut in half with velcro in the middle so you can pretend cut it! Maybe I'm geeking out right now, but I think its just the sweetest darn thing. I love simple, colorful, charming toys like this. If anyone knows where to find more like it, let me know!

We also bought some wicked comfortable p-lady jeans (p as in pregnant, another word that conjures unpleasant images in my mind. Health class, teachers oily bald head, the word 'flaccid'. *Cringe*) because all of my jeans are getting tight already. Who knew a huge band of spandex would be insanely comfortable squishing your belly? I will wear these things 24-7!

Sorry for this long-winded blog, I'm still getting used to this stuff. Thanks for the read, please share my link and follow! <3


  1. You are so smart, funny, and witty. I love you so much ^.^ I could never get sick of reading evrything you post, I love seeing what you think. You're a great author, wife and momma :D <3 Keep bloggin' on :D!

  2. Lol...I remember the first time I put on the p-lady jeans...I thinked I sighed audibly from the comfort they provided! How far along are you, do y'all know an estimated due date yet for the little bean?