Beginnings are always so awkward. New relationships, classes, hobbies, learning something for the first time. They all make me feel a little weird and queasy like when you swam too long in the lake and swallowed a bunch of algae filled water. So, *gulp* here's to a new beginning. A new blog to share with you my thoughts, inspirations, links to things I love, occasional fashion posts, and to update my friends and family about the day to day growing and changing of the baby in my stomach :D

Right in this area: baby.

Yes, I'm pregnant. At the time of this post, we found out two days ago, so we're still reeling a tad. We, as in me and my husband, Calvin (the yeti) McConnell. When we wake up in the morning, we lay there for a little bit, eyes adjusting to the room, staring at the ceiling through matted hair before we remember, holy crap there’s a baby growing in me. So it will take some getting used to, but through this blog you will see the evolution of me from human to whale, then us with a newborn baby!! :D

You may be asking,
"Who are you strange girl, and why would I want to read about you?"

My name is Grace (the vamp) McConnell. I fancy myself a writer. I've maintained an online vlog for over two years doing writing and literature reviews and I decided it was time to take it to text. I love stories. I love telling stories. I love that moment when you're making something up off of the top of your head and everything falls together perfectly and strangely. I hate long division, red meat, and costco. I always want to add a letter U to the word ‘horse’. I genuinely don’t care to read your copy-pasted Marilyn Monroe quotes. I like scientific illustrations and museum exhibits. I love the clean ivory and taupe and glass and lighting and education. I wish the whole world was a museum. I am married to my best friend.

We crushed on each other in high school but were always too afraid to talk in person. We'd IM until all hours of the night, but when school came around, we'd awkwardly fiddle with our jackets zippers or strike up a conversation with a random person next to us whenever we saw each other. It took three years, a fateful 3 hour drive, the smell of grapes, goose bumps, and an Alesana concert to get us together, but we've never looked back.

But to answer why you should read this, I have no idea. I hope it fills you with a little brightness in our murky, lake water world.

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  1. I love this Blog--you are so creative! and I can't wait to meet that little baby that's "growing in your stomach" :D