Fresh Starts

I feel like, as readers and writers of blogs, and members of the pinterest generation, there are a few things we couldn't forget if we tried.
Things like: Do what you love. Make time for your passions. Follow your heart.

But all too often, we forget the practical ways of implementing these ideals in our daily lives. I know I do. I'm not sure if it's because of the baby and exhaustion that comes with it or not, but I've been crazy blah lately. I've dropped all of my hobbies, and rarely spend my free time doing anything but sleeping and eating. Calvin keeps me peppy, but when he's gone I just fall apart. It sounds pathetic because it is. I used to have a me to fall back on. A spirited, interesting, fun lady to come home to when Calvin was out doing karate or his newest obsession, tricking. Anymore I just kind of feel like a grumpy loser. I kind of hate it.

But, we're moving into a new place next month, and we're super stoked about it. They have a pool, workout room, picnic area, grills, tennis court, etc. I'm so happy! I really hope it will be a good place for us, and a fresh new start for baby and me. It's a little bit of a downgrade size-wise, but the baby's room will be right next to ours (which is the main reason we needed to move) and it will be a clean start for us. Something about me- I LOVE fresh starts. When my siblings grumbled and complained about us moving to another city or house, I was bouncing with excitement. I love being able to start fresh and have a whole array of possibilities at your fingertips. We've been where we live now for around three years and it's just getting stale.

On to bigger, better and brighter things, I hope. I hope the same for you too :)
If things are getting stagnant, I hope you find a way to change them. If something's off track, I hope you find a way to right it.

All the best,
Grace Elizabeth.
(and our little peach!)

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