A Letter From Past Me

Around a year ago, I stumbled upon a website called Future Me which allows you to write a letter to your future self, set the date you want it delivered and then, basically forget about it. I just got my letter from a one year younger Grace, and I thought I'd share it with you guys.

Dear FutureMe,
I hope things with Yeti have been going well.
If you guys have been fighting or not getting along well for any reason, remember:

-All the times he's called you beautiful
-His sweet sweet wedding vows.
-How happy you were on your wedding day
-The roses and candles at the Melting Pot for your 6 month
-You and him are different. Your love is genuine and expansive and true. It's the closest to unconditional as it can get between two people. You love him, madly. His eyes and the way he talks out of one side of his mouth when he's excited about something and the way he holds you when you sleep. You LOVE him. Work out your differences, its so worth it.

I hope everything else is going well too. I hope you remember who you are. Never forget it. You better be maintaining your blog too, otherwise past you will be mad. I hope you've done some reading and writing and maybe that open mic thing we heard about. I hope you're taking good care of vikki.
(she was staying with us at the time.)

Are you pregnant? I kind of hope so :P
Just remember, everything will work out. Don't stress, life is too short to worry it away. Focus on the positive, and fight hard to keep it that way. Have a beautiful life.

You too, friends.
All the best,
Grace Elizabeth
(and our little plum!)

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